Latest figures on Internet and Mobile Smartphones Penetration in Kenya

The internet service has greatly advanced from 2G, 3G, 4G and now were are about to witness 5G, with many Kenyans acquiring smartphones that feature the latest Internet technology. For the past 3 years the mobile smartphones penetration in Kenya has grown immensely with data indicating that Kenya is leading in the African continent in terms of internet usage and mobile smartphones penetration. In 2017 Nigeria had the highest internet penetration in Africa  but from 2018  Kenya has been dominating. Kenya is actually a global leader when it comes to Internet consumption via mobile phones, where the country stands at 83% mobile Internet usage followed by Nigeria at 81%.

Kenya has a population of about 52 million though we will have actual results during this year’s national population census. Among these, studies shows that 43 million Kenyans have access to Internet with Google saying it has 13 million active users from Kenya, majority of whom use their devices from smartphones. Jumia, a leading online selling shop, said that their large orders are always for smartphones. According to Jumia, the growth is due to high social media penetration, reduced pricing on mobile phones especially from Tecno and Infinix which has a bigger audience.

Many Kenyans use mobile phones to access social media sites of which Whatsapp is leading followed closely by Facebook, then YouTube, Instagram and Twitter in that order. Mobile money which was pioneered by Safaricom back in 2007 has also seen growth in smartphones penetration. There are more than 250 mobile loan apps in Kenya such as Tala, Branch, and KCB-Mpesa just to mention but a few. We have also seen the entry of betting sites which have attracted a huge following especially from youths. This adds to the demand of more smartphones in the country.

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If this trend continues and the 5G gets to be launched or even 6G who knows, by 2030 no country will be able to surpass Kenya in terms of internet and mobile phone access. Kenya will be a digital hub ever to be witnessed in any countr.


Adrian Opiyo

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