List of some the highest bailed corruption cases in the country among senior government officials   

Kenya has experienced major corruption cases in the recent past the most recent being the Arror and Kimwarer dam scandal. That in mind most of these cases have not been able to determine whether these individuals are guilty or not thus being freed on a bail basis. Though it is their constitutional rights to be granted bail, the EACC should fasten their manpower and get the actual evidences to prosecute these people as the amount of public money they are swindling from the public is huge.

We will focus on the recent corruption cases of the senior government official starting with the most recent one. This week Monday the 22nd the DPP Noordin Haji ordered the immediate arrest and prosecution of the CS for Treasury Henry Rotich and other 27 persons including his PS Kamau Thugge. The two were arraigned in court the following day due to corruption charges that saw the government lose Ksh 19 billion in the Arror and Kimwarer Dam Scandal. The two were later released on a cash bail of Ksh 15 million or Ksh 50 million bond and of the same surety pending charges. This has been so far the highest bail in the country

Moses Lenolkulal Samburu County Governor was to be given the highest bail on the land but it was overturned after an appeal by the Governor lawyers. The presiding judge Mr. Douglas Ogoti had slapped a Ksh 100 million cash bail on the Governor or a bond of Ksh 150 million but after an appeal the cash bail was reduced to Ksh 10 million with a bond of Ksh 30 million. He was accused of embezzling Ksh 84 million shillings in the County of Samburu that was April 4th 2019. Tuesday 30th April 2019 Evans Kidero former Nairobi Governor was arraigned in court for allegedly swindling Ksh 58 millions of public funds and was released on a cash bail of Ksh 8 million.

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Lastly we will cover Governor Okoth Obado of Migori County and Ferdinand Waititu of Kiambu County. They were both released on cash bails of Ksh 500,000 due to corruption allegation charges. Governor Waititu alias ‘Baba Yao’ was accused of awarding irregular tenders amount to Ksh 588 million in the county. Okoth Obado was accused of misusing county funds and EACC officers were able to obtain 8 fire arms when they raided his compound.

So far those have been the highest bails granted to senior government officials in the country. Though if you compare it with the amount of money these individuals have been accused of stealing, the amount of bails doesn’t suit them. They should be charged much higher depending on the amount of public funds they’ve looted.

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Adrian Opiyo

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