Willy Paul is trending with #LambaNyonyo and hypocrites are pretending not to like it

17 hours ago as measured from the time of penning of this article, Willy Paul uploaded on YouTube a song titled Lamba Nyonyo; a two minutes 4 seconds song that doesn’t have the visuals (video) yet. #LambaNyonyo is now the top trending Twitter hashtag as the song takes the third spot on YouTube trending list. The song meant to give Willy Paul relevance after Wamlambez Wamnyonyez craze took Kenya by storm is attuned to the lyrics of both Wamblambez and Lamba Lolo, lyrics that most Kenyans consider dirty that deserve banning.

There are those criticizing Willy Paul thinking that the former gospel artist is still a gospel artist. These are those who missed out on the big news that Willy Paul is no longer a gospel artist but a secular musician, something that happened 3 years ago. As a secular musician therefore, Willy Paul’s goal is now to make money, and the best way to make money in the entertainment industry is by creating controversy – and there is no better way to create controversy than to do a piece of art like Lamba Nyonyo.

Lamba Nyonyo itself is a stupid song. It lacks the “music” and the “art” that should define a great piece of art. One would describe it as a work concorded without giving creativity any consideration. It is boring. The beats do not touch a nerve. And there are no sane people who can enjoy either the lyrics or the beats to the song. Having said that however, it is purely hypocritical to ask Kenyan artists to walk the narrow path of righteousness when the same person who demands some form of righteousness will be the first to ask for that video of a Kenyan artist having sex, or enjoy vulgar songs from Nigerians, Americans, and Jamaicans. If you don’t do vulgar, don’t do vulgar no matter who created it.

Odipo Riaga
Managing Editor at KachTech Media
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