Millennials Demand New Innovations In Tea Through Behavioural Shopping

Did you know Kenyans consume only 5 percent of the total tea produced in the country? Well, Naivas and Ketepa are looking to change that under the new campaign “its tea time” with an aim of re-positioning tea as a celebratory drink as opposed to a traditional drink.

When you visit the tea aisle in most supermarkets in Kenya, flavoured tea, diet tea, grass tea, and all the flavours and tea extracts fill the shelves as opposed to the traditional tea leaves from back in the day, mostly in a yellow pack.
Today, supermarket assistants receive more questions on tea flavours than they did before and like before, individuals do not ask for brands anymore, they demand tea flavours in the wellness range of herbal infusions as well as the speciality teas that include; purple tea, white tea and orthodox tea.

Millennials have been found to be notorious for such as they have been said to ‘want’ new innovations in tea. Among other revolutionary gestures shown by these younglings, tea happens to be one of the boring traditions they demand a change in, not by street demonstrations, boycott or any pronounced opposition, but through behavioural shopping.
“Most of them will come in, go straight to the tea section and if the kind of flavour they want is not available, they walk out and go shop elsewhere,” said Steve Mwangi, a supermarket assistant in one of the leading outlets.
Behavioural shopping shown by these Millenials could mean that most outlets could be missing out on sales of other commodities if attention on certain products is not given.

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Tea Month

The tea month will see the unveiling and tasting the new tea innovations from Ketepa and this will include interactive sessions with tea experts on tea preparations and insights from about tea and health. “Its tea time” campaign will also include sessions with renowned tea barristers expected to make several demonstrations covering skills such as tea brewing and tasting for the younger population.

The Kenya Tea Month, scheduled to run the whole of August, will herald the beginning of an appreciation journey that takes people from the original black tea to the very latest specialty varieties and collector editions.

According to the two institutions, the move targets all segments of consumers, a young discerning market keen to explore tea not just as a drink but a lifestyle. At the same time, the two partners will be rewarding their valued customers with very attractive discounts and offers.

Gathoni Kuria

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