East Africa’s Got Talent Season 1 Episode 1 was slightly above expectation

East Africa’s Got Talent Season 1 Episode 1 aired on Citizen TV on Sunday August 4th 2019 between 8 PM and 9 PM, a show dedicated to showcasing various types of talents for all (children, youth, the aged) primarily targeting residents of East Africa nations. The nations are Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda for Season 1. If the trend in other regions is to be expected, then we can look forward to talents from outside East Africa joining the show at some point.

When early in the year it was announced that Talent Global would bring the talent show to the East Africa Nations, I was a little apprehensive – being skeptical on the ability of the East Africans to demonstrate talents to the levels we have come to enjoy from America’s and Britain’s Got Talent. This skepticism was particularly informed by the types of talents we have witnessed in the KTN Home’s talent show, Talanta Mtaani. Other talent based shows including musical shows other than the infamous but discontinued Tusker Project Fame have demonstrated just how mediocre talent shows from the region can be.

Despite my apprehension and skepticism, I still went ahead to stream the East Africa’s Got Talent live on YouTube for one hour, and I enjoyed the quality of the content I was treated to. Actually, the show was well above average. This does not mean that the show is at par with the mature America’s and Britain’s Got talent, or even the other talent running talent shows that are part of the Simon Cowell’s Got Talent Franchise such as Asia’s Got Talent, SA’s Got Talent, and Nigeria’s Got Talent. Locally however, the show is worth looking forward to every weekend. For those who want to have quality entertainment in East Africa, East Africa’s Got Talent got you covered.

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In East Africa’s Got Talent Season 1 Episode 1, I was thrilled by the first and the last acts, both from Uganda. The first act was an acrobatic dance by All Eyes crew from Uganda, and they killed it. The 7 year old Vanessa Mdee sang very adorably and in return she received a golden buzzer. Her too is from Uganda. The other performances were just average with nothing much to write home about. Kenyans were particularly disappointing.

I am looking forward to more thrilling performance as the talent show progresses to other stages. What many have hoped for is that probably Ian Mbugua ought to have been the judge representing Kenya and not Jeff Koinange. Do you agree?

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