These New DStv Prices are the perfect reasons to finally ditch this old school Pay TV platform

DStv is now everywhere talking about how from September 1st the DStv prices will drop down. “The rumors are true! Prices are officially coming down starting September. Get and stay connected to DStv to enjoy” is one of the lines the pay TV provider is shouting. One may think that the price reduction is to the tune of 50%, or at least more than 30%. Far from it; as DStv Premium subscribers will only enjoy shs 400 per month  price reduction where the bouquet’s price will be slashed from shs 7,900 to shs 7,500. Those on Compact Plus won’t be as sad as they will receive a 13% price reduction from shs 5,200 to shs 4,500. 22% price reduction will be enjoyed by those on Compact Bouquet that will see its DStv prices drop from shs 3,200 to shs 2,500. The happiest subscribers will be those on Family who will see a 37% price reduction from shs 1,900 per month to shs 1,200. You’d expect the trend to favor those in the lowest cadre but joke on you. These guys who pay the lowest to access DStv services will be asked to pay shs 900 instead of the previous shs 950 – because they badly need that 50 bob for at least one extra loaf of bread per month.

What the above DStv prices (after the reductions) tell the subscribers is that the premium subscribers can take DStv’s middle finger and shove it down their *****. Look at it this way, previously, the difference between DStv Compact Plus and DStv Premium was shs 2,700. Wit the New DStv Prices, the difference will be Kshs 3,000. This is because instead of giving all subscribers an equal percentage reduction, DStv decided to give Premium subscribers a paltry 5% reduction against a significant 13% for those on Compact Plus. Those on DStv Access will now find it easier to opt for the Family Bouquet by topping up shs 300 only, as compared to the previous rate that would have required them to top up with shs 950.

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By the way, in the era of affordable Internet, Netflix, and online streaming of different sporting events, why on earth would anyone still be a DStv customer? What all of you DStv subscribers should do is to ditch the old school platform and enjoy the freedom that comes with Netflix and other online streaming services. For shs 3,000 a month on Internet and a further Shs 700 a month on Netflix subscription, you will be able to enjoy a lot more entertainment. With the Internet you will also be able to get variety of free entertainment from YouTube and several other free online streaming services. Actually for shs 7,500 that DStv may want you to pay for its premium bouquet, you will be able to enjoy the latest movies, latest documentaries, and live sports from several online platforms you may decide to subscribe to. Don’t let these new DStv prices fool you!

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