Using Block Chain For Fish Traceability, From The Waters To Your Table

A majority of fish vendors and consumers across the world can hardly tell where the seafood they purchase, may it be fish, crabs, lobster, shrimp was harvested and its entire water-to-market journey. This is because companies in the seafood sector hardly reveal this information either because they intend to dupe the consumer, or they do not have the no-how.

Bumble Bee Foods, a seafood company is investing in intelligent enterprises to let customers in on the process of production and manufacturing. Currently, the company is using blockchain technologies to trace the yellowfin tuna from the Indonesian ocean to the dinner table. Through its service provider SAP, the company has the ability to track fish the moment it’s caught and as it travels around the world, telling the story of each tuna.

Consumers and customers will be able to easily access the complete origin and history of Bumble Bee Foods’ yellowfin tuna simply by using their smartphones to scan a QR code on the product package. With the snap of a code, the blockchain technology provides instant information about the fish-to-market journey, including the size of the catch, point of capture and the fishing community that caught it, as well as valuable insights to verify authenticity, freshness, safety, fair trade fishing certification and sustainability.

This being an example of how blockchains can be used to revolutionalise the future of food, the company aims to provide transparency to its consumers at the same time providing assurance that their fish is fresh and it’s been sourced fairly according to the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation.

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Blockchain technologies are an assurance of tamper-proof supply as timelines and data storage is accurately recorded in real-time. In the same breath, using blockchain to share data between parties is incorruptible and verifiable. The advantage of using blockchain over other technologies is that information is distributed rather than copied from machine to machine this means that it is easy for business owners to trace rogue transactions on the digital ledger.

Gathoni Kuria

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