Why Tagged is superior to Tinder

Tinder is today synonymous with getting smashed. It’s popular, and almost everyone on social media is on it or knows someone on it.  That’s because almost everyone likes getting smashed – but not just getting smashed, but getting smashed by a stranger. Men in particular would like to smash strangers all the time, while women would like to get paid for getting smashed. That’s why men have turned Tinder to platform to find strangers they can smash, as women use it to make quick bucks. But Tinder has two weaknesses – too much restrictions on how to connect, and the need to pay a lot more than necessary to get connected to the real deal. That’s why Tagged has become way superior to Tinder of late.

To understand why Tagged is superior to Tinder, we need to first of all understand fully what Tinder is supposed to do, or what it could be. Created in 2013 by Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen, Justin Mateen, Joe Munoz, Dinesh Moorjani, and Whitney Wolfe, Tinder was this App meant to connect two strangers living approximately 160 kilometers apart (was initially 100 kilometers) who like each other based on their Facebook profile pictures and common interests. These strangers would swipe right on each other hence Match. Tinder however did not, and still does not unless you part with some money, let you know of who has matched with you – a situation that has forced the men to like almost every woman suggested to them by the App.

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But all these men wanted to do is get laid. And that’s what gave the women an idea – that yes, they’ll get laid by the thirsty men, but not for free. That’s what has worked to turn Tinder into a one big giant online Prostitution App. Tinder today is for those willing to spend an arm and a leg and get 5 minutes of pleasure in return. Today therefore, if you are someone interested in meeting a genuine partner that you’d really want to get to know and spend the rest of eternity with, Tinder is not the App you’d use. For long term dating, Facebook still reigns superior (by the way Facebook is already rolling out an option exclusive for dating), followed closely by Twitter.

Then there is Tagged, a social network founded back 2003 for members to share tags and virtual gifts. These tags and gifts were (and still are) supposed to give members some sense of virtual value (similar to what you get when you have a lot of comments and likes on your Facebook posts), and nothing more. Of course these didn’t help Tagged grow in popularity until Tinder came along and inspired Tinder to also be a match making tool.

As a match making tool, Tagged just doesn’t allow you to match with people 160 kilometers away, but with anyone on tagged. Secondly, when through tagged Matched someone gets interested in you, you get notified via email, making Tagged a more popular option than Tinder. Lastly, although there are those in Tagged who use the App to get smashed or hookup (some call it FWB), there are more decent people on Tagged than they are on Tinder.

Odipo Riaga
Managing Editor at KachTech Media
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