What type of a Kenyan Blockbuster Movie would you love to see?

A Kenyan Film Producer (details to be revealed in due course) has partnered with a Canadian Producer and Australian Film Enthusiast to make one of a kind Kenyan Blockbuster Movie. The Kenyan Blockbuster Movie is meant to premiere in December 2020 in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu but as at the moment the movie is at an idea stage; where four ideas are being considered.

The first idea the producer has is to make a movie around domestic violence, where in that case a true story or a story based on true events could be explored. This movie would be meant to highlight some of the personality, social, legal, and environmental challenges that help perpetrate domestic violence.

The second idea is to explore the Kenyan society as Silicon Savannah where techies are able to hack systems such as MPESA. The story idea for this would be to help highlight some of the security features MPESA users ought to be aware of in order to safeguard their MPESA transactions, and possibly bring to the attention of Safaricom any MPESA loopholes that hackers may utilize to defraud not only MPESA users but also MPESA itself .

The third idea that the producer has in mind is making a movie around Bank Heists. The producer thinks that since Kenya has had two high profile bank heists in the recent past (one in Thika and most recently the shs 72 million looted in Nairobi), Kenyans may want to see a Money Heist like thriller.

Lastly, the Producer recognizes the popularity of Superhero movies like the Avengers that have taken the world by storm. He feels that Kenyans too ought to make their own Superhero characters and apparently Kenya is not short of heros in every culture.

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To help the producer decide on the type of a film he should make, he has asked me to run a poll to gauge just what the type of kenyan Blockbuster Movie you, the potential viewer, would like to see. The poll is on Twitter and you can vote on it by following this link. Vote to help him make just the type of movie you’d like to see.

Once the Producer and Partners have put ink to paper, you will be notified of the details, including but not limited to the type of movie that will be produced.

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