Basically ditching DStv for Android Box has its own drawbacks

It is not long since I wrote an article urging DStv subscribers to ditch that shitty Pay TV (any Pay TV running as DStv is shitty). As an alternative, I urged them to consider options such as direct subscription to VoD services such as Netflix. Now, there are those who are seriously considering to ditch DStv and replace it with an Android Box. However, according to responses given to him on Twitter on alternatives, ditching DStv might not be the best thing to do just yet.

Reasons for ditching DStv are many, top being DStv is too expensive for no apparent reason. As it happens, one can only get the best of DStv if he or she subscribes to the premium bouquet which comes at around shs 7,500, and that’s after the biased discounts took effect. Secondly, if you wanted to subscribe to lower bouquets, you will not have the options to choose the channels you rather watch.

The ability to choose shows is something Pay TV customers have asked for for years. Pay TV providers on the other hand have decided to give the requests the middle finger. This is exactly what Twitter has done over the years every time tweeps ask them for the Edit Button. If Multichoice could have listened and introduce ability for Pay TV customers to choose their own channels for non-premium customers, then there would be little reason to ditch DStv.

The third reason why ditching DStv is necessary is the age of shows and movies that air therein. Other than live programmes such as news, sports, and certain reality shows, programmes that air on DStv are always way too old for my liking. For example movies that show on DStv movie channels are typically more than a year old, the newest being 6 months old. This still happens in the era where anyone can walk into a movie bureau and get a movie that just premiered on Hollywood.

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If you want to ditch DStv, what options do you have?

The first option of course would be to opt for an Android Box. Android Boxes are gadgets that easily turn any TV to a smart TV. With an Android Box, one can be able to run Apps that provide some movies, sometimes even prime movies you’d only find at the aforementioned TV Stations and subscription based VoD channels like Netflix. However, affordable Android Boxes are not as good as buying an out of the box smart TV. An Android Box that you’d get for less than shs 10,000 is likely to come with useless features such as 16 GB storage and 2 GB RAM, clumsy remote control option, or even inability to control it via remote.

Personally I have an Android Box that is busy rotting in a drawer since using it has proven to be very hectic. Also, movie and sports Apps available for the Android Boxes continue getting banned from the Internet. A significant App for example for watching movies or sports, if banned, may render the Android Box redundant altogether.

What’s the way to go if you decide that ditching DStv is the best thing to do?

Given that Android Boxes are not the best replacement for DStv, one may just want to use a smart TV, or just a typical Android Box just meant to provide an Internet browser to the TV. Then the next step would be subscribing to channels that provide live sports, documentaries, family programmes, and movies. With a browser, something like YouTube can become your best friend. Also, if you are a premium DStv subscriber, you may find that subscribing to Netflix like VoD channels for shs 700 a month may allow you to subscribe to up to 10 such channels (Amazon, HBO, etc), and still save Shs 500 for airtime – assuming you already have Internet access that you are paying for separately. Even if you are on basic DStv that goes for shs 950 a month, Shs 700 monthly on Netflix still leaves you with some change.

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