William Ruto – Why would anyone fear his Presidency? #RutoMasterOfDivision

Influencers probably from ODM seems to have been sponsored to run away with the Twitter hashtag #RutoMasterOfDivision, where  it is being claimed that the current apparent Division in Kenya (mainly in the former Central Province) is due to the activities of William Ruto. The hashtag has however been hijacked by sympathizers of the Deputy President where tweet after tweet have messages similar to this:

Ever since the handshake, it has become apparent that there are people aligned with the ruling party, led by Maina Kamanda and David Murathe, who do not want William Ruto to become the country’s fifth president. Interpretation of this mainly by those opposed to William Ruto’s Presidency is that the powerful individuals behind Uhuru Kenyatta’s Presidency popularly known as the Mount Kenya Mafia are scared of William Ruto’s Presidency. The question I would like to get an answer to is this, “why would they be scared?”

It is a well known fact that powers that were behind Jomo Kenyatta’s and Moi’s Presidency were scared of Oginga Odinga’s and later Raila Odinga’s Presidency, and the reason for the fear was simple – the father and later the son could seek justice for all the injustices the first and the second regimes meted upon the Luo community, and other Kenyans at large. They were scared that the killings of the Luos in Kisumu, other killings of the community members in several riots, the killing of their prominent members including Tom Mboya, Robert Ouko, and lately Chris Msando amongst several others could be investigated and those powers prosecuted. They were scared that their ill begotten wealth could be confisticated. It is therefore perfect to understand why anyone up in political power could have been scared of a Raila Odinga’s Presidency.

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But why would anyone be scared of William Ruto’s Presidency? What is he threatening? I don’t remember William Ruto promising anyone that he’d revisit past injustices, that he’d bring the corrupt to book, that he will create a just and a cohesive society, or that he’d reform the constitution to align it to aspiration of Kenyans. The only thing I know is that William Ruto is the greatest impediment to Raila Odinga’s dream of one time becoming Kenya’s most powerful individual. If therefore anyone is scared of William Ruto’s Presidency, it is Raila Odinga and those close to him. Uhuru Kenyatta and his allies have no reason to be scared of William Ruto’s Presidency – unless they know something we don’t.

Although there are no reasons for Uhuru Kenyatta and the powers that made him the President be scared of his Presidency, it appears they have done quite a job to malign him in public. Through the offices of DPP, DCI, the Media, and Public Relations, the Presidency seems to have managed to portray William Ruto as the most corrupt politician, someone who cannot be trusted to manage the country’s economy, and someone everyone must run away from. The question still remains, why are they scared? It could be there are procurement deals, e.g. Naivasha SGR deal, or the Airport deal, or the Shs 5 Billion Health Scandal, that William Ruto wanted to be part of but the powers in control denied him his cut, hence are now scared that if he becomes President, the son of Sugoi will expose them. Or are they scared that William Ruto would somehow revisit the Post Election Violence of 2007/2008? Are they scared that he knows too much about the ICC cases and might send some of the suspects back to the Hague?

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Whatever scares Uhuru Kenyatta and powers behind him, it is going to get worse. As it appears, Kenyans are yet to be fully convinced that they need to run away from William Ruto. This is because a current Twitter Poll under the same hashtag has it that majority would rather vote for Ruto rather than not vote for him, while a previous Poll I highlighted in this article had close to 70% of Kenyans willing to vote for the hustler.

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