WhatsApp now allows you to share WhatsApp Status updates on Facebook and elsewhere

WhatsApp has rolled out an update that alongside performing normal app improvement, now lets you to share WhatsApp Status updates on Facebook and elsewhere. How this works is simple: Update your WhatsApp Status, once done you’ll see the usual share icon. The share Icon asks you to share the status on Facebook. But when you click on it, you’ll see that you can share the WhatsApp Status update on other platforms. The other platforms include Bluetooth, Gmail, LinkedIn and basically any other social media sharing platform.

What I have realized when I shared this update is that after sharing the update, the share button disappeared.

The advantage of the new feature is that now you do not have to screenshot a Status Update in order to share it elsewhere. Screenshots are great, but the disadvantage is that you have to always crop out the unwanted parts. The most ugly part of screenshots especially on WhatsApp is that when you reshare on your WhatsApp, the update is expanded to ugly proportions. What I do when I want to reshare someone else’s WhatsApp Status updates is to screenshot them, then use this method to extract the screenshot, edit, and repost.

The other thing about the new method for sharing WhatsApp Status update is that the update is not shared as normal text, but as screenshot images. What that means is that you cannot edit the update wherever you have shared it at. They are posted at the destination as JPG images. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but basically I’d have preferred if it were shared as text. It is however worth noting that on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, posts shared with images normally gain more popularity compared to posts shared as normal texts.

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All in all the feature is an interesting one.

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