Equity Bank has fraudulently stolen from Kenyans over the years – #MyEquityBankStory

It was 2008, January. Post Election Violence was at its peak. Getting money and food was a problem. Our food reserves had ran out, and we really needed something for supper. Then, while at Lower Kabete (KIA currently School of Government), I heard that there was a way I could reach Westlands and withdraw money. My mother’s Equity Bank account had slightly over shs 150, and if I could get there, withdraw the shs 100, we could buy some food for dinner. So I found my way to Westlands Equity Bank branch, clad with my mother’s ATM card. PIN ready in head.

I insert the ATM Card, checked the balance before I could do the withdrawal transaction. Joke on me. Her account balance wasn’t shs 157  as I had expected, but shs 57, an amount of money I couldn’t withdraw. I had to figure out how to get back to KIA. The riot police moving from town towards Westlands were drawing near. A vehicle, running from the riot police, agreed to give me a lift.

Immediately I arrived back at KIA I went online, and met with an opposition written posts claiming how Equity Bank had colluded with the Government to steal money from Kenyans, shs 100 per person. I was convinced, and convinced that there was nothing I could do about it. I reasoned, after all, shs 100 was too little to make a fuss.

Over the years I have had several other issues with Equity Bank most of them around their Equitel services, until I decided to leave banking with them all together. I actually do not bank with any bank at the moment – as MPESA provides me with all the banking services I may require. But for those who still bank, and specifically bank with Equity Bank, have a lot to say about the Bank.

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Via the hashtag #MyEquityBankStory, Kenyans have gone on twitter to share their experiences with Equity Bank, both good and bad; mostly bad, and here are samples of some of the bad ones.

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