Google Messages allows you to send/receive text messages via the web

This article applies to text messages you can send/receive via the web when using an Android device. Maybe the method can also work with any other OS, as the method requires you to install Google Messages and put it as the default Messaging App for your Android device. Once you have done that, you will be a step closer to operating your messages straight from your desktop; just the same way you operate WhatsApp Messages straight from Even the procedure for operating messages on the web is just the same as the one you have been using to access whatsApp web.

Let’s go straight to the point. To send/receive text messages via the web, head to Google Play Store, downl Google Messages (you can use this link) or just search for Google Messages via the Play Store. If you are not sure which of the many apps suggested is Google messages, check image below. Once you have downloaded the App, Install. Of course it will auto install. Then give access to the Messages App to send/receive text messages as the default messaging App. Actually you can disable your device’s messaging app as you will no longer need it.

Google messages

You are through with step one. The next step is to enable Messages be available on the web. The website URL for Google Messages is Click on the link then you will be taken to the log in page which looks like the image below.

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Google Messages

As you can see, and just like web WhatsApp, the login tool is a QR code. Meaning you are required to scan the code (scan the one your computer will provide you as the code above is already invalid), then you are in. To scan the QR code:

Go to your phone

Open the Messages you just installed,

Go the Menu (three tiny dots at the top right corner of the App)

Choose Messages for web

Select QR code scanner

Scan the QR code.

And you are in.

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