Google celebrates 21st birthday – How has Google changed your life?

You probably want to Google that – that is if it is not already obvious to you how Google has changed your life. By the way you might in the minority few who are not using Google Search. The few are those who haven’t changed Windows Default Search Engine which is Bing. Others are those on Infinix phones. The Infinix phone users are actually using a strange search engine disguised as Google. If on Infinix, you need to read this article and stop using the XOS Launcher immediately.

Back to how Google has changed lives. First of all, everyone Googles. Googling means access to information available via the world wide web has been made easy. In most instances, Google may know just the type of information you are looking for even before you type it, such that just be entering the first letter in the search bar, Google already figures out exactly what you want to search.

It is not just the ease with which we can access information on the web that Google has made easy, but how we work too. From writers to artists to producers to virtually anyone who uses online tools for productivity, you most probably uses one of the Google products to accomplish your work. You probably use Chrome to browse. That’s Google. Or Google docs to write that report. Or Google photos to store and edit your pictures. Or Google drive to back up your files in the cloud. Or Gmail for all of your official communication.

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These several ways of using Google are subtle, but anyone on the move must have come to appreciate the significance of Google maps at some point. Google maps lets you know where you are. It gives you direction, and it allows you to monitor traffic. Thanks to the fact that almost everyone globally has an Android device – be it by Huawei or Samsung or LG or Sony or Tecno or Infinix, or whatever other Android device you use, Google always know your location. And Google knows when you are on the move. Through this knowledge, together with its knowledge of all roads and highways around the world, Google has developed a powerful algorithm that monitors traffic on the roads, then provides traffic data to road users.

Road users can therefore judge how congested or flowing traffic on given roads are, and decide in advance which roads to use. If you haven’t been made aware of this, then now you know. Next time you are traveling just fire up your Google maps, and your journey might just turn out to be faster than usual.

Google services that have made impacts on our day to day lives, from Android to Maps to Chrome to Google Search, are many and I can’t mention all of them in a quick article like this one. Is there any other way that Google has changed your life?

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