Kenyans continue with their useless Twitter Rants now targeting #DearPresidentUhuru that will yield nothing

Kenyans are again feigning anger online, hoping that one of these many twitter rants will some day magically speak sense to someone. Yesterday they were ranting on #ILostMyJob hashtag, juxtaposing William Ruto’s 2022 presidential ambitions therein, and today they are on President Uhuru with #DearPresidentUhuru useless hashtag. What do they want? They want the President to be reminded that he has appointed people as old as 91 into public office. That the stadia promised by William Ruto, most of which were supposed to be completed in six months time from way back in July 2017, are yet to be constructed. Actually, the twitter rants are not shy to remind the President that Nyayo Stadium, a rather complete and previously properly functioning stadium, is still out of bounds two years after it was closed down for renovation.

The question I am still asking, do they expect the President to react to their complains? Over and again the President and other top politicians have shown they don’t give a damn on whatever complains Kenyans have. Or he can show that he cares then do nothing tangible thereafter. The President knows he can promise five state of the art stadiums but still get himself reelected after delivering zero. The Deputy President knows he can tell Kenyans that they’ll actually construct 9 instead of five stadiums in a span of 9 months after failing to construct the previously promised five in five years, and Kenyans will still vote for him in 2022 after delivering nothing. They know they can promise Kenyans that the price of Unga will never be more than shs 45 a Kg, but also know Kenyans will do nothing if the price hits shs 90 a kilo. Specifically the president knows that he can promise a top rate journalist the terms and conditions agreed upon by Kenya and China in regards to SGR, and a failing to deliver on such a promise will stir no waters.

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That is, the president can respond to your twitter rants by calling another round table discussion with journalists, but after the round table it will be the end of discussion. Because he knows come 2022 general elections, you who is today leading in twitter rants will willingly cast your votes to the President’s preferred candidate, whether or not that preferred candidate is William Ruto.

So fellow Kenyan, instead of your endless Twitter Rants, why don’t you figure out something more tangible that can actually change the political discourse in this country? But that is not gonna happen, is it? It is not gonna happen because your twitter rants are based on empty shells. And don’t point to those rants against CNN and other foreigners who have sent apologies after your rants – Kenyan politicians don’t recognize characters typed online as carrying any weight. After all the government doesn’t depend on ads revenues but on your dear taxes that you cannot stop paying, doesn’t matter how unwilling to pay you’d be.

Odipo Riaga
Managing Editor at KachTech Media
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