Sure condoms recalling raises quality concerns

Concerns have been raised over the quality of Sure Condoms after the government recalled some batches of them. The Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) in a press statement said after conducting a joint post-market surveillance quality survey together with the National STI and AIDS Control Program (NASCOP), they discovered that some specific batches of Sure condoms did not meet the specification standards thus directing their manufacturers to recall the products from the market.

Kenyans on Social Media were quick to react.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), condoms play a key role in a comprehensive and sustainable approach for preventing STIs, including HIV/AIDS, Gonorrhea, and supporting women’s fertility intentions, their quality is, therefore, a matter of public concern globally.

Owing to the state of the economy or unwillingness to buy, the usage of condoms by Kenyans, especially the youth rely entirely on the availability of free ones from the government. Dispensaries, medical centers, universities, colleges, and public toilets have placed dispensers to ensure supplies of these commodities get to the public.

A recent report indicates that 22 adolescents countrywide are getting infected with HIV/AIDS and six teenagers die daily as a result of the disease, let alone unwanted pregnancies.  The report just came just 12 hours after I called out on a home self-kit testing awareness campaign for missing out on the key strategy of public awareness.

While I laud the Board for that quality market survey, the Ministry of Health should ensure their respective organs are doing the right job to set the seals on high standards in the health sector not by choice but very obligatory.

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I ask the entire Ministry of Health to be very keen on matters of reproductive health and should focus on creating awareness and promoting sexual health across the country in order to curb the rising cases of HIV and AIDS infections and early pregnancies among adolescents.

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