DCI warning to Kenyans on electronics purchasing

The Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI Kenya) has issued a stern warning to the public against purchase of any electronic devices from individuals or dealers with no physical address, work permits or identified premises and buildings. In a statement issued on Sunday through their official Social Media accounts, the DCI cautioned Kenyans that they could be buying stolen items from individuals or dealers that have robbed, killed or maimed innocent owners.

“Most are those who buy stolen items from Armed Gangsters who have violently robbed innocent Citizens & in the process kill or maim them. DON’T buy a device of a fellow Murdered or Maimed Kenyan”, read the statement.

The DCI stated that when the police forensically investigate stolen electronic gadgets such as laptops, mobile phones, TV Sets and find anyone in possession of them, it could cause them immense suffering before it is established that they were not involved in crime. “Being found with suspected stolen property, you suffer immediate consequences of the Actual Criminal, which may escalate to Death Sentences.” DCI urged Kenyans to always insist on being issued with a receipt listing the particular items they bought and keep the proof of purchase secure especially electronically by photographing it.

Dealers and individuals trading electronics have been urged to embrace ICT technology by marking the items bought by customers at the counter for security and safety purposes. This will help to curb cases of electronic thefts. The DCI asked the public to secretly report any cases they suspect to the police.

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This statement is very important to you and you should not assume it. You will agree with me that it is very hard to prove you did not take part in crime if you don’t have any close contact with the person that sold the items to you. If you come across high-powered computers, latest iPhones or Macbooks going for very low prices, the sellers always insisting on you going to meet them at very suspicious places, or want you to pay through very untraceable methods, then there are high chances that the items are stolen or are of questionable quality. Be keen always to avoid landing in trouble.

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