Kenya Ferry Accident: A Kenya Of Cons And A Manipulative Government

Eight days after mother and child, Mariam Kighenda and Amanda Mutheu drowned in the Indian ocean after their car slid off a ferry on Mombasa Likoni crossing, concerned agencies and largely the Kenyan government continues to raise eyebrows at the same time confirming its inefficiencies and recklessness.

The sad story of a mother and child heading home only to plunge into the deep ocean has been worsened by the fact that their bodies continue to rot and waste away under the waters. The reality is even more heartbreaking for one John Wambua and son Elvin who despite losing family members, have been denied the respect of sending them off decently. From political utterances against government agencies by members of the house to social media uproar by Kenyans, the issue has become a sensation and a back and forth between responsible parties calling for family members to carry their own cross.

After day one of no efforts to retrieve the bodies of baby Amanda and Mariam, family members in desperation had to part with Ksh 100,000 to pay private divers after the Kenya Ferry Services and The Kenya Navy offered no direct support to retrieve the bodies. The divers who had initially asked for Ksh250,000 only came to the rescue after a lot of back and forth with the family members. Even so, the ‘private divers’ said they were not in a position to retrieve the wreckage pointing out lack of its sight.

Then came the Swedish diver who promised Kenyans he could trace the bodies in fifteen minutes and retrieve the wreckage and bodies in a record 2 hours owing to his expertise and equipment. Volker Bassen who owns a couple of diving schools in the country conned both family members and Kenyans at the watch of Kenya Navy, Kenya Ferry Services among other relevant agencies.

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Now on day eight, Navy divers are waiting upon a South African team of divers privately hired by family members after Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho donated Ksh 2Million to the family in order to facilitate the process.  The Mombasa Governor, just by donating the amount to assist in hiring divers reinforces a lack of confidence in the government.

 Today, the family turns to prayers and consolation from family members and the public at large. John Wambua, husband and father to the deceased says the only hope left is the South African team of divers meant to check into the country anytime now.

Gathoni Kuria

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