One Stop Border Point Meant For Kenya-Ethiopia Trade In Moyale, A Mockery To Residents

Acting Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani currently under pressure to raise revenue in Kenya is now pointing a finger at residents of Moyale for lack of trade volumes passing through the One Stop Border Point (OSBP) in Moyale. According to the CS, the OSBP meant to boost trade between Kenya and Ethiopia is availing less business activity than expected therefore giving mediocre Return On Investment.

Okur, speaking in the company of Chairman Ambassador Francis Muthaura hailed the government for its effort to open up trade between the two countries over recent months with an aim to increase revenue collection. The acting Cabinet Secretary has also pointed out that the government is now looping in community leaders to ensure a substantial collection of revenue through collaboration with KRA officials.

“We should see more trade volumes passing through the OSBP at Moyale- an indication of robust business activity between Kenya and Ethiopia. There is a potential for additional revenue collection in this region hence, the government shall establish more OSBPs along the common border with Ethiopia to facilitate trade and ensure collection of more revenue,” he said.

On The Ground

Even as Okur puts his best foot forward in his new office, he is largely missing the point and the main ailment suffered by the border points that were established mainly to track trade activity between these two countries.

The last thing Moyale residents need is more border points largely established to collect government revenue that has gone undocumented over the years. One Stop Border Points in however overpasses challenges faced by Moyale residents, therefore, beating the sense of it.

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Conflict and Instability, irregular migration and cross border displacement have been major contributors to stalling activity not only business but also cultural practices. Even as the government aims to reach billions in tax revenue, the sketchiness involved will only see more losses in investments like One Stop Border points that continue to be established.

According to Mohammed Abdul a resident and businessman in Moyale, infrastructure invested by the government in the region almost means nothing to the local citizen who has to cope with plenty of hardships. And even as government increases efforts to collect more tax in the region, most residents see this as harassment by KRA officials, hence continued trade of counterfeit goods and illegal trades across the border.

Gathoni Kuria

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