Do not drop out of university because of unemployment

It’s no doubt unemployment is one of the biggest problems facing Kenya right now, but do not drop out of university because you are not guaranteed to get a job after graduating. They that want to try should do so at their own risk. Yesterday my friend who studies at Jomo Kenyatta University called to inform me that he wishes to drop out of college to focus on business, I told him to do so at his own peril. Unemployment is not and will never be the reason why you should not study.

You may be considering dropping out of school because of very many reasons such as sickness and financial problems. Maybe your parents or guardians are having a hard time keeping you in school because they lost their sources of income and have requested you to do so, that one is understandable among many other legitimate concerns, but do not drop because you’re unsure of the employment market. That is suicidal.

It’s that time of the year, universities are churning thousands of graduates. During this time, you will not miss hearing someone referring to a degree certificate as just a paper. Yes, there are very many people who’ve made it in life without academic credentials.  American comedian, television host, and actress Ellen Lee DeGeneres is one of the most successful comedians and hosts in Hollywood history, but she had to work her way there over time. She dropped out of the University of New Orleans after only one semester. She did all kinds of odd jobs from house painter to vacuum salesperson. Another example is Bill Gates, estimated to be worth $80 billion, the Microsoft founder is the most successful college dropout in the world.

It is possible to succeed without a degree, but kindly stop pushing this narrative that you can drop out and live a successful life without education. The fact that some billionaires dropped out of university and got things working out well for them does not mean every person can do it. The Kenyan economy is on downturn now, entrepreneurs are closing businesses, what makes you think you can drop out and succeed in creating a startup, especially in Kenya?

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While doing well at school is no longer a primary route to a good life, people should not rubbish education because of this.

Education plays a key role in molding successful people. It might take long but students who work hard, research and persistently push towards achieving their goals will definitely be rewarded. The Ministry of Education should focus on developing curriculum reforms geared towards entrepreneurial skills for our universities to help students who are working hard get the value for their university fees.

Enock Bett
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Enock Bett

Digital Media Enthusiast|Tech, Business, Corporate Affairs, Politics, and Governance. [No Modes] EMAIL: [email protected]

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