ISIS Critisizes Trump’s ‘Mediocre’ Presidency As It Vows To Revenge Its Emir’s Death

United States President Donald J. Trump did not hesitate to let the world know the US had done it again; killed the leader of a terrorist group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Baghdadi who was marooned by US military among other forces forcing him to detonate a suicidal vest was the leader of the Islamic State and has been the head of the caliphate since 2014.

After a two-hour raid in Syria’s Idlib, Baghdadi is said to have crawled up a tunnel with two children about the age of 12 and detonated a suicide vest. In a televised address from the White House, Trump says that Baghdadi died like a dog after whimpering, crying and screaming all the way to the tunnel with his children. As it is Trump’s forte, he goes ahead to beat his chest saying that the administration’s top priority has been fulfilled by killing the ISIS leader who in Trump’s words was “a dog, a gutless animal and the ISIS militants who died alongside him were losers and frightened puppies”

Besides beating his chest and throwing in an exaggeration of Baghdadi’s last moments, Trump has been accused of disregarding collaborating agencies in Syria and the world over, making it a personal achievement. The Syrian Democratic Forces, for instance, have been hailed by state officials for playing a big role in the raid and US officials have said that the part played by the forces should not be underestimated by anyone.

Islamic State Reverts

As Donald Trump pushes for Baghdadi’s death as his lifeline, the terrorist group has come out to reply to his claims through its media arm Amaq. In the audio that hails ISIS’s ex-leader and threatens western countries, Islamic State militants have termed the United States as the world’s laughing stock for being controlled by “an old fool who goes to sleep with one opinion and wakes up with another.” The audio goes ahead to warn the US “not to celebrate or get arrogant”

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In what could be deduced as a fresh threat to America, Europe, and Africa, the spokesman is quoted saying “America, don’t you realize that the Islamic State is now at the forefront of Europe and West Africa? It is extended from the East to the West,” Trump’s comment on how Baghdadi died has triggered sleeper cells and self-proclaimed militants who have threatened to make America and its affiliates “cry and beg for their life.”

The caliphate that is a breakaway from Al-Qaida has already named a new leader and says the move has re-energized the “jihad world”.

Gathoni Kuria

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