What’s with the three arms of government tussling?

It is now so clear that the three arms of government are tussling over many issues going wrong in the country, this leaving Kenyans gasping for breath as they figure out who to blame. The Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature are designed to work together systematically but also independently to ensure the government is in good control. From the recent unfolding of events, it can be seen that the three arms are in conflict over a number of issues.

The Chief Justice David Maraga, who heads the Judiciary, recently accused the Executive of undermining its functions by using budget cuts.  Maraga lashed out at the Treasury, one of the organs of the Executive asking them to stop their oversteps aimed at undermining the functions of the arm. The Judiciary had requested for Sh31.2 billion, but Parliament allocated Sh14.5 billion. Maraga said the Judiciary will not be able to execute its duties as required because of the low budget allocated to them.

During the press briefing on Monday, the Chief Justice decried sabotage by some of the officials whom he accused them of trying to oust him from the office. “I’m told that some CSs and PSs are bragging that the CJ will or should be removed before the end of this year. Really? Kumbe hii nchi iko na wenyewe,” frustrated Maraga pronounced.

Maraga opened up on a number of instances he’s been mistreated and not accorded the full respect that his office deserves as one of the major arms of government, with which the constitution clearly outlines. “The Chief Justice has no Mercedes. When we applied we were told ‘we don’t want wastage, stick to 2500cc…’ It is wastage to buy a Chief Justice a Mercedes S500 but it is not wastage to buy the same for the two speakers of the Parliament,” The CJ stated.

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CJ Maraga said he was not treated with respect during the recent Madaraka Day celebrations. The Master of Ceremony did not recognize his arrival and was only allowed to walk into the dais through a sidewalk. Maraga could not hesitate to underline his intentions to boycott some of the state functions. He noted that there was a plan to vet the judges afresh, which he said the Judiciary will not allow that to happen unless the other arms of government are also vetted afresh.  Five months ago, the CJ accused the Legislature and the Executive of implementing some sections of the Constitution that safeguards their own personal interests.

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The President, who is the head of the Executive could not resist hitting back at the CJ, asking him to expedite cases that have been pending for many years if it so wishes to. “I call on the Judiciary, if they so desire, to strive to determine expeditiously tax disputes without fear or favor,” the President said.

Yesterday, Hon. Moses Kuria, who is a Member of Parliament for Gatundu South gave a very bold confession about how the Legislature has failed Kenyans by not being keen on their oversight roles. ”We have lied to Kenyans and the second thing is we have failed in our oversight responsibility,” Kuria stated during a live interview at one of the Media Stations. The MP further asked the other arms of the government to issue an unreserved apology for stealing from Kenyans.

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These unfortunate turn of events exposes the conflict within the arms of government, that are supposed to work together to run the country steadily. Kenyans have been left wondering who to point fingers on amid the tough economic crisis. It is important to note that sovereign power belongs to the people of Kenya while the three arms of government, the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature are equal before the Constitution, and each must keep the lane when executing its mandate.

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