The Nigerian who defrauded Banks Millions In Nairas From A Maximum Prison

Nigerian enforcers are now regretting granting ‘freedom’ to a prisoner at Kirikiri Maximum Security Prison after he pulled a major fraud through a network of accomplices. Hope Olusegun Aroke a Nigerian citizen is the mastermind of a $ 1Million fraud making the latest riddle in the security sector.

Aroke was arrested in 2012 for his ‘trade and sentenced for 24 years only to pull off a major fraud 7years later. The family man is said to be part of a web of scammers operating across two continents and responsible for a series of fraud cases on individuals and financial institutions.

In an unusual series of events, the scammer is said to have ‘fallen sick’ and was allowed to leave the prison and was admitted to the Nigeria Police Hospital based in Lagos after which he was discharged and allowed to meet his wife, children and even ended up attending social functions.

Even though these events indicate the possibility of consent from prison officials through bribery, what has shocked the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) after investigations indicated that Aroke purchased a luxury car and homes right from the chambers of the maximum prison using his pseudo name Akinwunmi Sorinmade. The wife is also said to be part of the fraud after the realization that Aroke had access to his wife’s bank account and he freely transferred funds across accounts on a mobile phone found in his possession.

Scammers in Nigeria are surprisingly society heroes and heroines widely celebrated by citizens for their ability to turn their lives around through fraud. Early this year, enforcers raided a school for scammers in Lagos and arrested a total of nine citizens who were practicing cyber fraud.

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Nigeria has been on the limelight over the years with the most recent alarm raised by the United States authorities after charging 80 people with cyber fraud and the majority were Nigerians. This has resulted in strict scrutiny on Nigerians looking to study or work in countries abroad for fear that the type of bank robbery will be rampant within their borders.

Gathoni Kuria

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