Kenya launches the countdown to participate in World Expo, Dubai 2020

The Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency (Brand.KE) has today launched a countdown of Kenya’s participation in the World Expo, Dubai 2020 that will be held from October 2020 to April 2021. The World Expo Dubai 2020 is expected to attract over 25 million buyers, sellers, investors and tourists, where it is projected that 70 per cent of visitors will come from outside the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

The theme of the World Expo is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.”

Kenya is among 200 countries participating in this expo, which presents a platform to gain more market access, investments, enhance tourism and improve the Country Brand. Kenya confirmed participation in the World Expo through Kenya Embassy in Dubai following invitation to the Country. The Kenya State Law office reviewed and approved Kenya’s participation contract and was signed on 14th May 2018. 

The launch which was officiated by Principal Secretary, State Department for Trade Dr. Chris Kiptoo brought together key stakeholders in the exports and trade sector, as well as representatives from Dubai 2020 organizers.

“Kenya has a lot to showcase at the Expo Dubai 2020. This is a great chance to grow our economy and promote sustainable development. Kenya should be fully prepared to take the opportunity and to maximize Kenya’s participation at the expo,” he said.

He urged Kenyan business people to cease the opportunity, make deals and grow their businesses.

“Go to the UAE and make networks to grow your business. It is only 5 hours away you can go do your business and come back. Kenyans must engage with the objective of making business growing. Come back home with something good after the Expo,” he added.

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Five innovative Kenyan companies participated and won grants worth USD 500,000 in the Expo Live held earlier in the year. They include:

Eco Fuels Ltd which presented a solution to the problem on “Kenyan farming hindered by expensive energy and fertilizer”. The solution given by the Company is“Harvesting locally grown croton nuts to provide cheaper sustainable alternatives”.

 Selina Wamucci Ltd who presented a solution to the problem on “Supply chain inefficiencies prevent 60 per cent of food produced from reaching the market”. The solution made is “Mobile platform enables fresh produce to be sourced directly from farmers – even without the internet”. 

Hydroponics Africa Ltd who presented a solution to the problem on “Unemployment, poverty and food shortages in Kenya”. The solution made is “Home farming using simplified hydroponic technology”.

Kidogo Problem who presented a solution to the problem on “Poor childcare and early education in Kenya”. The solution made is “Childcare Centre’s /pre-schools owned by local women” 

Solar Freeze who presented a solution to the problem on “Food losses of perishable produce”. The solution made is “Cold storage units powered by solar energy

 The country will be participating in the Expo under the Opportunity sub-theme, where Kenya will showcase its economic diversification, beyond what it has been traditionally known for. The country will thus showcase potential especially under the Big Four agenda where both the Public and Private Sector will have an opportunity to show the world Kenya as a leading exporter of goods, services, talent, innovation and rich culture. 

This is in line with Vision 2030 and the National Export Development and Promotion Strategy.

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Other sub-themes include Mobility and Sustainability.

World Expositions (Expos) are organized under the auspices of the Paris based Bureau of International Expositions (BIE), of which Kenya is a member since 2008. Expos are global events which provide platforms for economic, scientific, technological and cultural experiences; and for sharing and exchanging innovative ideas in pursuit of sustainable solutions to global challenges. The benefits of expositions include improved exports, tourism and enhanced image of Kenya, owing to hundreds of countries and millions of international buyers that participate in world expositions.

To successfully implement the World Expo Dubai 2020, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives has Committees with key guidelines to deliver an Expo that encourages participation of both public and private sectors participation towards delivery of a vibrant successful market economy. Towards the climax of the expo, Participating countries hold National days to Mark the Country day, Kenya’s National Day is slotted to be on Tuesday, February 16th, 2021, where the leader of the Kenyan delegation, H.E. the President will be the Chief Guest at the hoisting of the Kenyan Flag.

This Expo presents numerous opportunities  across the economic, social and environmental spheres that Kenya can leverage on; this includes participation in international tenders and business opportunities; Participation in Expo Live Programme launched by the World Expo 2020 Dubai with an allocation of $100,000 million, to fund, accelerate, and promote creative solutions that improve lives while preserving our planet.

By the end of the Expo, Kenya envisions increased exports to the Gulf Cooperation Council member states due to more awareness of Kenyan products and market opportunities and Enhanced globally image.

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