Was King Kaka summoned by the DCI or not?

King Kaka officially known as Kennedy Ombima has been the news this week, everywhere on the social sites, radio stations, National TV channels and even in your local hotels and social places, I’m sure you’ve at one point talked about him between Saturday and today, reason being, his latest music video highlighting the rot of corruption in this country. The poetic piece Wajinga Nyinyi (You fools) which was released on December 14 has received a huge national reception perhaps because Kenyans are generally tired and bitter of this government that has proved so deaf to their economic cries.

It’s not the first time we are learning of the corruption scandals listed in King Kaka’s music, we have read it on the local dailies, rant about it on social media, forgot everything and continued with our daily lives. So King Kaka just dropped his poetic scandals script on a suitable date Kenyans were angry courtesy of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jamhuri Day speech.

The music has rubbed many politicians the wrong way going by their social media posts, Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris and her Kwale’s counterpart Mrs. Zuleikha could not resist from responding to King Kaka’s accusations that elected women representatives have misused money meant to purchase sanitary pads for young school girls in their counties.

Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru issued a demand letter yesterday threatening to take legal actions against King Kaka citing defamatory and reputational damages in his music. This is actually what the Wajinga Nyinyi lyrics said about Waiguru: “Ati Waiguru ako kwa office na story ya NYS tulishasahau. Biro moja alibuy 8 thao, biro tunanunuanga mbao.”

Some have argued that he didn’t mention Ann Waiguru and that the music is simply a poetic flow, which I consider that a stupid argument because we all know Ann was the Cabinet Secretary at the Ministry of Devolution which NYS was operating under when the money mysteriously disappeared into individuals’ pockets. So whether this will get to court is a matter of time after the 48 hour grace period given to King Kaka has elapsed.

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Back to my question, was King Kaka summoned by the DCI?

The answer, of course, is a big ‘NO’ and Kenyans must stop wasting time believing this Eastlando poet. Kennedy Ombima has ridden on the Wajinga Nyinyi publicity too much to an extent that he can do anything to make you talk about him for the next weeks. First, he asked for police protection and we believed, then he faked arrest and assassination attempts. Kenyans could not help but shout the common comforting phrase ‘May God protect you’. King Kaka and his theatrical script could not stop there. Today he made us believe the Director of Criminal Investigations had summoned him.

The elite community and senior lawyers who have kept a mum on genuine Kenyans appealing for justice representation for mistakes they did not commit were the first ones to offer pro-bono services on their Twitter accounts to the Rabbit rapper.   Any person in his right mind would wonder why the DCI is summoning him and for what exactly?

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A famous Twitter Blogger Abraham Mutai tweeted:

“King Kaka should post the message that was sent to summon him or post the phone number that was used to call him. He should post a SCREENSHOT indicating an incoming call and how many minutes it lasted. Ujinga hatutaki King Kaka. You are a conman and we will call you out”

I couldn’t agree more. We all know the DCI has been so media peckish evident on their busy social media timelines, and for a fact they’ve been serving all summons on social media, even take photos of the accused and upload them on their sites hoping that a message of how hardworking they are, will get Kenyans excited. How could they decide to summon Kaka without a letter, an official statement or a call? Obviously, they did not. Rabbit summoned himself at the DCI Headquarters. No one asked him to do so, completely none. Even when he addressed the media outside the offices’ gate he looked so fake, attention seeker.

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The DCI has since denied summoning the rapper warning him against using the institution for media attention.

While I support his music and the need to call out the corruption that has deprived the citizens of their human and constitutional rights, it’s time to ignore King Kaka unless there is an urgent need to listen to him. He has proven to be thirsty for attention and this will damage his good music completely.

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Wajinga Nyinyi video:

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