KCSE 2019 Results Released: Highlights and Analysis

The Cabinet Secretary for Ministry of Education, Prof. George A Magoha has today at Mtihani House landmark located in South C along Mombasa Road, released the KCSE 2019 Results after briefing the President. The exams were administered officially between November 4 and completed on November 27 with the last paper being Computer Practical. The exams marking begun on Thursday 24th of November in about 20 marking centers in Nairobi. 26,997 examiners participated in this year’s marking.

Fewer cases of teenage pregnancies and exam cheating cases were witnessed in this year’s KCSE 2019. The Chemistry Practical Exams which required students to use the poisonous chemical, Xylene however sparked controversy. It’s is reported that a number of students walked out of the Chemistry lab coughing.

Professor George Magoha and PS Dr. Belio Kipsang rubbished the claims arguing that the Ministry conducted a thorough research of all the chemicals that would be used for the KCSE 2019 and found it safe for the students and teachers.

Xylene is an aromatic hydrocarbon used widely in tissue processing, staining and cover slipping in the histology laboratory as a solvent. Exposure to Xylene causes health effects such as breathing problems, poisonous if accidental ingestion occurs, it also causes eye and skin irritation if it comes into contact with the skin. Xylene, Calcium Hypo chloride and bromine water were used in the year’s KCSE exams.

Buluma Tony of Kapsabet High School emerged the best in this year’s KCSE results after garnering a straight A of 87.159 points

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KCSE 2019 at a glance.

Top students:

  • Buluma Tonny- Kapsabet High School.
  • Barasa Maryanne Njeri- Kenya High School
  • David Odhiambo- Kapsabet High School
  • Antony Owuor- Maseno School
  • Natasha Wawira- Moi High School Kabarak
  • Kizito Ezra- Moi High School Kabarak
  • Longali Chemengat- Alliance Girls School
  • Hellen Njoki Ndathi- Moi Forces Lanet
  • Siela Jelangat- Moi Forces Lanet
  • Laura Ruto- Brigid Girls High School, Kiminini.

Number of candidates who sat for the exams: 699,745 [355,782 Boys and 341,440 Girls]. An increase of 37,018 candidates compared to KCSE 2018

Number of students that scored C+ and above: 125,746 

Number of examination centers: 10,287

Number of irregularities: Results of 1,309 were cancelled this year for engaging in examination irregularities.

KCSE 2019 Grades Distributions:

  • 627- As
  • 5796- A-s
  • 13,366- B+s
  • 24,478– Bs
  • 35,340- B-s
  • 46,139- C+s
  • 63,102– Cs
  • 83,358- C-s
  • 101,687 – D+s
  • 137,713– Ds
  • 152,339 – D-s
  • 29,318 – Es

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KCSE 2018 Grades Distribution.

  • As 315
  • A-s 3,417
  • B+s 8,268
  • Bs 16,403
  • B-s 26,156
  • C+s 35,818
  • Cs 49,707
  • C-s 71,047
  • D+s 96,512
  • Ds- 147,918
  • D-s 165,139
  • Es- 30,840

Total students who sat for the last year’s exam: 660,204.

Chart: KCSE Examination Candidature Trends for the Last 5 Years

[Source: KNEC]

Important KCSE Results Denotation.

X- Awarded to candidates that did not sit for all the subjects.

Y- Candidate that was found to have been involved in an exam irregularity is awarded Y.

P- This denotes that the student’s results are pending, maybe due to infringement of the entry or registration requirements for the examinations.

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W- A candidate maybe awarded W to indicate the results have been withheld due to suspicion that the candidate was engaged in examination malpractices.

U- Awarded to candidates whose exams have not been graded.

2019 candidates can access their results by sending an SMS with the Index Number to 20076. The results can also be downloaded from the KNEC Portal Web: {https://www.knec-portal.ac.ke/}

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