Thanks To Digital Technologies, You Have Become A Slave To Marketers And Advertisers

The festive season is over and it’s a deep sigh of relief for many as life resumes to normalcy and most importantly the end of endless parties and gatherings that required extra energy, time and money investment. For companies and institutions, it’s back to the drawing board and it’s a clean slate to lay plans on.

Back in the day, before the internet penetrated the market and smart devices increased in availability and accessibility, the marketer had a hard time keeping track of Return On Investment when it came to advertising. By putting up an advert on the radio or television, companies would only hope that consumers will come across it either accidentally or intentionally. The advertising rate card which is still in use today would quote high figures depending on many factors but most importantly the hour the advertisement runs.

Today the marketer has an array of choices when it comes to connecting with consumers and most of it is in the digital space. The opportunities that lie within this platform are nothing like what it used to be but unfortunately, the advertiser is beginning to assault the consumer. If you have noticed, your usual Christmas carols and new year deals are slowly dying away and even if you are just from the holidays, the marketers will not let you touch down.

Digital bombardment

In relation to marketing communications, consumers across the world and across platforms have expressed concerns over the rising manipulation by marketers in what they call ‘Advertisers assault’. The consumer today feels under attack in all ways, with the increase of advertising popups on smartphones, websites, social media platforms an even while watching content uploaded online. Each click today warrants an advertisement and this is giving the consumer a hard time while maneuvering the internet.

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For instance, you just got back from the holidays and spent a handsome amount of money during the festivity buzz. On opening your Facebook account, red balloons pop up from one corner of your screen as love hearts pop up from the other, It’s Valentine’s day! Annoyed, you move to YouTube hoping to evade as much advertising, after all, there is a skip button available. Unfortunately, your YouTube is not premium, meaning you have not bought your freedom, and so, you will still encounter the adverts. In despair, you probably choose to turn off your data and stick to your installed applications, unfortunately, you still have preinstalled adverts and marketers are still in business.

Unlike the analog days, advertisers today do their homework and they are aware you just proposed to your girlfriend and so their question is, do you have a valentine’s day plan? Unfortunately, this simple question is enclosed in a barrage of offers and deals in the form of adverts. Not only does it manipulate couples, but this adverts also trigger real action like fake relationships among people just to fit in when this hyped day comes.

You see, advertisers assault is not just about throwing adverts at you while online, it is getting into your head and those around you. It begins with an advert, and then it evolves into a conversation with friends and family and eventually, your purchasing behavior is altered. Since October, Christmas kept flashing on your screen, right after that, new year deals began popping, just after crossing the year, back to school offers took over, then Valentine’s day is here even before sending your child back to school.

Gathoni Kuria

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