How To Acquire Your Kenyan Passport Between Now And The March Deadline 

Only about 1 million Kenyans out of 2.5 million passport holders managed to renew their passports in 2019. Owing to the low turnout and response to renewal calls dating back to November 2018, the deadline was pushed to March this year. Kenyans, popular for the last-minute rush, however, still have the immigration ministry on an alarming backlog.

The new passport is meant to provide data security compared to the machine-readable passports. The new generation passports have a microchip where data stored matches the information visually displayed on the booklet. Also, adoption of the new passport is meant to match international standards and more so, the move was influenced by Jomo Kenyatta International Airport’s classification of category one status.

As the queues at Nyayo house swell and get longer, however, both first-time passport holders and renewing ones are stuck on how to go about the process and as a result, many have ended up queueing and getting rejected right at the counter for lack of proper documents. A good number has opted to work with brokers, unfortunately parting with a handsome amount of money just for ‘connection’. Here is what you need to do to bag that passport;

1. Get an eCitizen account

If you do not own an eCitizen account, you will need to get one usually in two categories; Kenyan and foreign passports. You will need to enter your ID number, first name, email address and mobile number as the first step to acquiring an account. 

2. Fill the application form

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Depending on the type of passport in question, the form will require personal details such as date of birth, citizenship, next of kin along with other information. At this point, you can now choose the mode of payment depending on the number of pages you have selected. Make sure to download the form and three application receipts which you will then present at the designated immigration offices.

Documents to take along;

  • An eCitizen pre-filled passport application form and three receipts
  • Original birth certificate and photocopy.
  • Original National ID Card & copy.
  • Three Current passport size photos.
  • Recommender’s ID Card copy (Lawyer or clergy member)
  • Consent letter for minors.
  • Old passport for replacement.
  • Parents’ National ID cards and copy.

In the case of a lost passport or a mutilated one, you will part with Ksh 12,050 and Ksh 10,050 respectively. The renewal process, however, is still the same.

Gathoni Kuria

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