Indirica festival, the first Indo-African cultural extravaganza

INDIRICA Festival, the first indo-African cultural extravaganza will go down at Carnivore grounds in Nairobi from 7th to 9th of February 2020. The three-day event will bring together Indian actors, singers, filmmakers and entertainment industry players from Kenya. The event is a unique confluence of commerce and cultures aiming to foster and strengthen both commercial and cultural relations between India and Africa.

Indirica Festival Kenya will be a landmark step for healthy cultural cooperation that will definitely lead to a commercial partnership between Kenya and India. The success of Indirica festival will create the biggest networking platform for boosting bilateral relations as well as trade & commerce through an amalgamation of various cultures. Nurturing the Indo African-Cultural events will pave way for various bilateral and trade tie-ups between the two countries.

Yesterday, the organizers of the festival met with the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Sports and Culture, Ambassador Amina Mohamed and CEO Kenya Film and Classification Board, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua who agreed to forge strong partnership together towards making the festival a success.

“Indirica festival seeks to integrate culture, commerce and promote cultural diplomacy between Kenya and India. @InfoKfcb is happy to support collaboration and partnerships between Kenyan & Indian artists as a way of celebrating our cultural diversity and creating job opportunities,” Dr. Mutua said in a tweet.

India is home to over a billion people, accommodating incredible cultural diversity between languages, geographic regions, religious traditions, and social stratifications. It is is one of the most religiously and ethnically diverse nations in the world, with some of the most deeply rooted religious societies and cultures. Its citizen’s respect for and affirmation of cultural diversity has led to the development of the country’s trade, investments, and competitiveness between the people. India being a highly spiritual country, festivals are therefore ingrained at the hearts of the people. The numerous festivals that they hold are unique and Kenya will learn a lot from the coming festival.

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Captain Rahul Sudesh Bali who is the curator of the Indirica festival is an Indian army veteran, entrepreneur, filmmaker and a champion of global cultural exchanges. He is well-known in the festival circuits across the globe,

“The Indirica Festival will act as a catalyst in accelerating the efforts towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals via cultural exchanges boosting the south-south cooperation between India and Africa while spreading the fragrance of India,” said Captain Rahul.

Indirica festival has partnered with the Ministry of Tourism, Magical Kenya, Kenya Private Sector Alliance( KEPSA), Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) and High Commission of India in Kenya among many others with a purpose of achieving the following objectives.

  1. Create synergies and open up new opportunities for Commerce and Culture
  2. Reach out to various communities across Kenya and East Africa with a positive publicity campaign
  3. Create euphoria about both Kenya & India via Culture
  4. Strengthen both Cultural & Commercial relations between India and Africa
  5. Create a global networking platform for Commerce and Culture
  6. Amalgamate Trade, Art, Culture, and Tourism to create an enabling platform that helps partnerships thrive
  7. Accelerate the efforts towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals via Cultural Cooperation
  8. Promote Kenya as a favored destination for Tourism
  9. Promote Kenya as a preferred Film Shooting destination
  10. Create a world-class Festival in Kenya

Tickets for the event will soon be available for those wishing to attend.

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