Here Is Why Women In Power Have Failed Marriages And Relationships

Desperate economic times have called for a change of tact in the society today and this has seen more women join the workforce either in skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled fields of employment. You see, in the 19th Century, women were not allowed to hold any jobs but when World War 1 & 2 occurred, women vacated their homes and occupied jobs left by men who had gone to the battlefield. Since then, women have gone up the ladder both in businesses and corporates and the family settings today have the fortune of having two breadwinners.

Even as the norm changes, women who have managed to grasp positions of power have since had a hard time managing their families. This has been influenced either by spousal or societal pressures. Gladys Boss Shollei is the latest victim of divorce from his estranged husband, Sam Shollei who initiated the divorce and as a result, Boss filed for divorce in 2016.

Their silent woes and separation finally came to light when Sam Shollei threatened to expose Boss’ shortcomings that led to the collapse of their 25-year-old marriage. Even as Sam claims infidelity and alcohol abuse on Boss’ side, the former Standard CEO has already married his former employee Faith Rono who is almost 30 years his junior days after the final verdict.

Boss Shollei, on the other hand, has played it cool and in fact, did not appear in court to avoid making the private matter a sensation and also to protect her dignity as a top dog in the society. This rubbed his now ex-husband the wrong way and he has vowed to bring her down with all his blood and sweat. When it comes to such matters, women have been pushed to a corner and justification is only ground to poke more holes to her status. All they have been left to do is play strategic psychological games to maintain their positions. Here is why women in power have a hard time maintaining a union.

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Status leakage

When the husband affiliates himself with the wife’s higher status, they psychologically elevate their own status in what is called ‘status leakage’. This becomes personally and economically threatening to the wife and this automatically brings about conflict. The woman who is naturally expected to submit to the man who is now a victim of status leakage might resist and where talks are not initiated, she could feel as if the man is busking in her shine and therefore expects the same treatment.

Status Spillover

When women get the feeling that an achievement they worked for is at risk, they tend to develop a defense mechanism in order to protect what they worked for. The woman might foresee a conflict or manipulative behavior that might bring about her downfall. At this point, they might begin feeling embarrassed for having a spouse with a lower status which might lead to resentment and even abuse.

Lack of instrumental support

In some cases, a woman who holds a higher status than the husband might be at peace with the situation and will even assume ‘womanly’ duties at home. However, if the man feels inferior and lacks to provide tangible support at home, such as helping with child care, home duties and even businesses, this again is likely to lead to divorce. Receiving this support from your husband buffers against the negative effects of wives’ status anxiety.

The pressures facing men in the work field often tend to be the same ones facing women but the response is interestingly expected to be different and this is where the society starts pointing fingers. The likes of Martha Karua, Jackie Matubia, Betty Kyalo, and other renowned women in politics, entertainment, and business have come under fire for failed marriages and some have even lost their jobs because of the same. This is an unending battle even with all the civilization.

Gathoni Kuria

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