How The Guinness Book Of World Records Came To Be And Its Facts

Have you ever been caught up in an argument with drunk friends or colleagues? The levels that drunk individuals can go to just to prove they are right and not drunk can be immense. This is the same reason the Guinness Book of World Records was invented.

A man by the name Sir Hugh Beaver one time argued with friends about what the fastest game bird in Europe was during a shooting party. Beaver who was then in charge of Guinness Brewery was agitated by the fact that he could not find a reference book to settle the debate and so the Guinness Book of Records was born. The reference book ended up being the ultimate authority on record-breaking achievements even though the main point was to help solve arguments in pubs and among drinking buddies.

63 years later, the book still contains mesmerizing records from all over the world and over the years, authors of this book have changed as content diversifies. Today the book has a barrage of records from present-day technology as well as children-oriented content from video games, toys and Star Wars. It can be argued that the internet could have made the book irrelevant but just like with the Guinness Book itself, not everything is recorded in the internets. The book, whose copy is purchasable still provides a pleasurable reading experience, discovering outrageous facts you never even thought about.

The book has been said to push the need for achievement among people, giving them a burning achievement motivation not only in conventional ways but also in strangeness and awkwardness. However, in its policies, Guinness World Records says it “Will not monitor any records involving unsuitable activities or those which could cause potential harm or danger to spectators.” The various categories found in the book are accompanied by policies which the company lives by.

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Many have argued that undocumented individuals across the world are record breakers, even beating those in the book. This is true for sure, but the difference is that those appearing in the book took the steps to make sure it became official, they made sure that at the very least they were recognized. Interested parties are required to register on the company’s site and then apply by filling a form, depending on the category it belongs to. If the application goes through, then time for evidence review is set before entering the book.

The company receives up to 50,000 applications each year and only 5 percent or less makes it to the book. So, in the real sense, it really isn’t about the activity it is making it to the book. This will also depend on records broken before and within the same ability as yours.

Gathoni Kuria

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