The World Ridicules China For ‘Making’ New Disease, Facts On The CoronaVirus

The infamous Corona Virus is the latest global term and a killer disease that first hit the headlines on January 7, 2020, after days of tests and research by medical professionals in China. On December 31, China announced several cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, which led to the closure of the port city’s Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market on the first day of 2020.

Still convinced it is a pneumonia breakout, experts would later find out that the virus was spreading too fast, and they eventually discovered the disease was from the coronavirus family, usually spread through contamination of air or physical touch. This means that the virus can be transmitted through coughing, sneezing or touching an infected person, after which the victim shows signs such as; fever, coughs, diarrhea, breathing difficulties, gastrointestinal symptoms and shortness of breath.

So far, the virus has claimed over 200 deaths with more than 8,000 infected people across the globe. Reports from inside China, however, claim that the country is feeding the world sketchy information on the death toll and treatment progress. Many say the country lacks facilities to contain the disease and that dead bodies from hospitals are being transported directly to cremation centers to hoodwink foreign personnel.

The Chinese government has warned its people from disseminating information about the virus to the world and to make good this warning, china is jailing any individuals contradicting its fake reports. The deadly disease has seen megacities, roads and villages shut down to discourage gatherings and further spread of the virus. The virus that originated from a wet market in China’s Wuhan city where citizens gather to buy illegally traded wildlife such as; birds, dogs, pigs, bats, snakes, wolf pups, salamanders, foxes, crocodiles, rats among other animals.

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Mockery and Ridicule

Even as the Chinese government admits to the disaster calling it a “common challenge facing mankind”, the world has not wasted time in mocking the ‘world power’ over the contagious disease with many cursing out the Chinese for their eating traditions, followed by statements such as, ‘Stop eating bats’ and mocking statements asking them to stay locked in their country. To an extent, a Vietnamese hotel posting on Facebook; “Because your country is beginning to spread disease…we do not accept to serve the guests from China”.

A recent post by a danish daily paper has caused an uproar with China demanding an apology from the government. The published cartoon is that of a Chinese flag with its five yellow stars represented by coronavirus particles emphasizing on the spread of the virus.

Travel bans

Many airlines have suspended direct flights to mainland China after the announcement of travel bans by governments across the world. Some have even gone ahead to sign online petitions urging authorities to ban Chinese from visiting their countries. This is currently affecting the second largest world economy that is not only being blamed for the current coronavirus but also the 2003 SARS coronavirus that claimed hundreds of lives. The deadly virus originated in Guangdong province of southern China.

Gathoni Kuria

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