Coronavirus: 97 Deaths In One Day, Forceful Detentions & A Sick Economy

What was beginning to be an online sensation and ridicule at world power China, no longer is. Coronavirus is fast and widely spreading with hundreds of fatalities reported each day and recent reports indicate 40,171 cases have been confirmed in China and 187,518 people are under medical observation. With the first American now succumbing to the virus, and a dozen of others confirmed to have the virus, over 900 people have died in mainland China from the disease. Only two of these cases occurred outside China.

States across the world are fast moving to protect its various citizenry by putting them in quarantines before being released to the masses. From cruise ships, detention centers, seaside resorts, and motels, thousands are still stuck awaiting diagnosis as some receive treatment. The types of accommodations for these evacuees vary widely. The United States and Italy have placed evacuees in military bases, while Canada has put them up in a motel. Hong Kong and Japan, on the other hand, have quarantined entire cruise ships.

Looking at the world map and real-time distribution of the Coronavirus, none of the cases have been reported or confirmed in Africa, something African states are striving to maintain as screening continues in ports. At the heart of this killer virus, Wuhan China, Sunday 9th February saw 97 deaths caused by the virus recorded, now surpassing the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak of 2003. SARS also first appeared in China after which it spread across continents within a few months killing 774 people.

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Forceful Detention

Officials in China are now cracking down on those refusing to self-quarantine in their homes for 14 days as directed by the government. Videos surfacing online show government officials in protective gear drugging individuals into metal boxes and some into detention centersThe Wuhan government released an Edict which in part says, “Round up Coronavirus suspected cases, and if the person refuses to cooperate, public security shall enforce.”

On the other hand, provinces within China are experiencing hard economic times as commodity prices rise following disruption of business, travel and supply chains. Reports show that consumer prices in the affected country have risen the fastest in more than eight years. Continents and Countries sourcing material from China too, have begun feeling the heat of the epidemic as goods get stuck in the state and ports. South Asian countries have also reported a nosedive in tourism revenues.

The Chinese government administrations now say, by putting up multiple centers for treatment and quarantine, they hope to contain the virus. The latest one, Leishenshan hospital was opened to hundreds of victims over the weekend. Constructed from scratch, the medical facility will hold 1500 patients in 32 wards.

Gathoni Kuria

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