China Asks Africa To Return The Favor & Support The Chinese People For previously Helping Eradicate Ebola

China is without a doubt the most popular country in recent days following the CoronaVirus outbreak from Hubei Province. Recent happenings have opened up the country to criticism and interrogation from international parties.

From the Great Famine, Cultural Revolution, Tiananmen Square massacre and the most recent forceful suppression of rights in HongKong and Tibet, China has been widely known for manmade catastrophes through the country’s Chinese Communist Party. The recent COVID-19 however now turned an epidemic fast spreading across countries is the epitome of what has been termed as the ‘shameful list of crime’. Not because the party or its president is responsible for this spread, it is for the routine official cover-ups on the deaths, spread and confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country.

Even as the president comes out to ‘save face’ through random visits to health facilities and cooked statistics on the virus, the international community is taking none of that for evident reasons. Reports from China say the situation is under control and it is subsiding with more recoveries being recorded, at least according to official reports.

Luring Africa

It is obvious that China is now losing popularity in most African countries due to the fear COVID-19 has caused. Flights from mainland China to African countries have caused an uproar in various countries protesting against the commute for fear that the CoronaVirus might spread in African countries. Xi Jinping, China’s President is now asking African countries to support the Chinese people during this time of tragedy as it has done before.

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President Xi noted that when African countries were struck by Ebola in 2014, the Chinese government and personnel were the first to provide help, which contributed to controlling the epidemic.

“African countries also face some challenges in epidemic control. China stands ready to provide additional, urgently needed medical supplies including test reagent. China is also prepared to speed up the implementation of the health care initiative, advance work on building the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and step up China-Africa cooperation on public health and disease prevention and control.” Read a statement

 Well aware that the pandemic turned epidemic has caused economic strains, Xi Jinping was quick to say, “Not only do we have the confidence, capability, and determination to win this battle, we will also minimize its impact and strive to meet this year’s economic and social development targets.”

Like in the past, China has always placed its survival above the welfare of the people. The president has ordered the country back to work to ensure these economic goals and targets are met.

Gathoni Kuria

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