Telegram – a breeding ground for criminals and pornographic content

Telegram, an instant cloud-based chat, and group messaging app was created in 2013 by the two Russian brothers, Pavel Durov and Nikolai. According to Telegram, Pavel supports the app financially and ideologically while Nikolai’s input is technological. Telegram was one of the first social application to support end-to-end encryption. The messages, photos, videos, voice notes, documents, and calls are secured from third parties.

Because of its totally encrypted and largely unmonitored nature, the messaging app is gaining popularity amongst Kenyans as a safe-haven to distribute pornographic materials, blackmail individuals and propagate hate messages which other social sites like Facebook and Twitter will not allow.

Ideally, Telegram should be the best app, with its integrated account management that looks like dual-SIM smartphones, it is possible to use one app on different numbers, say one for business and the other one as a personal account. The app is also the best for sharing large media files since one can access and share unlimited number of photos, videos, and files of up to 1.5 GB each, but this has not been the case as most users have resorted to sharing thousands of intimate photos and videos of families and leaked files without the consent of the owners.

Telegram’s anonymity makes it hard to trace where the files have originated from. Telegram founders insist that the chats and group messages are private amongst the participants and are therefore unable to process any report requests from anyone in as far as deleting or reviewing the content is concerned. Telegram groups can accommodate up to 200,000 members while channels can have an unlimited number of subscribers. A channel post has a view counter that gets updated when the messages are viewed, including its forwarded copies.

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Activists around the world have called on Telegram founders to hold themselves responsible for the actions of people who use their platform. While privacy and freedom of speech is everyone’s right, technology companies must have a way of controlling their platforms from being used to distribute materials that violate other people’s privacy. With the rate Telegram is drawing influence for such violations, it is very possible extremists groups and malicious individuals will start to use the platform to carry out criminal activities and cybercrimes since it will be very hard to trace them once they start changing usernames and deleting mobile numbers from the app.

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