Kenya Joins The Wagon Of Benefitors As China Offers Advice, Doctors And Medication

After assuring Kenyans of adequate capacity and ability to handle the Coronavirus, Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe is now seeking advice from the Chinese. As Kenya grapples with the possibility of the Coronavirus spread, the Ministry of Health is now looking outside the continent for help and one of its confidants is China, the country believed to be the catchment of the deadly virus Corona.
CS Mutahi Kagwe and experts from the Ministry of Health held a video conference call from Afya House with their counterparts in China in a session meant to let the Kenyan ministry in on its experiences in managing the response to the COVID-19 outbreak. This was the first time the Kenyan delegation held a videoconference with the Chinese Ministry of Health and other experts that included specialists dealing with the pandemic in the heart of Wuhan.
The delegation in Kenya included more than 10 officials and experts in the discussion said to forge a way forward in the prevention and control of COVID19.
The Benefactor
This new development comes as China reaps from what was a disaster one week ago by positioning itself as the benefactor and leader of public health.
In recent days, China has donated coronavirus testing kits, ventilators, masks and medics to Cambodia, Italy, France, Spain, Philippines, Iran, Iraq among other countries. Xi Jinping who previously called for support from other countries at a time the death toll was high in China is now offering countries comfort with words such as “Sunshine comes after the storm” to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.
China is slowly getting back its status as world power back in what looks like psychological war as messages from Beijing change from ‘save us’ to ‘let us save you’. The country now prides itself in what officials call a nearvictory situation after strict quarantine measures and social distancing. President Xi Jinping is offering medical and strategical help to world powers during this health turned political situation as the race to the vaccine among the US, UK and China intensifies.

Gathoni Kuria
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