Corona Virus Watch: Dear Kenyans, This Is The Wrong Time To Cheat, Protect Your Families

Dear husbands and wives, from all the social media memes, videos and status updates, we are well aware you are not only going through a hard time trying to figure out this pandemic called COVID19 but staying at home and breathing down each other’s neck with your spouse is driving you nuts.

Do you remember that phrase “for better or for worse”? During these times marred by COVID19, faithfulness will not only save your marriage but your life and that of your family members… to be precise, that of your children, spouse and any persons sharing a habitat with you.


Cheating spouses are now running out of excuses following government lockdown. For some to fulfill their wicked desires, cases like long shopping hours to pharmacies and grocery stores, false rescue missions, recall from the office among other absurd excuses have been rampant. Seated in a hotel and still in the spirit of social distancing the other day, I happened to eves drop a conversation between two men who were savagely making fun of their friend, a stupid one at that.

Some spouses are still using the business trip card as an excuse to be out of their spouse’s sight and one Andrew (not his real name) decided that he was a smart ass, only to contact the Corona Virus. The 37-year-old Andrew who recently tested positive for COVID19 sending his family to automatic quarantine is now the laughing stock among his friends for lying to his wife that he had been recalled to work only to take his clandestine for a holiday.

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The man is said to have taken a trip to Malindi, with his mistress, said to be a workmate for “business” as earlier justified. This hotel, in particular, is reported to have recently accommodated foreigners from one of the heavily affected countries in Europe. Four days after their stay at the hotel, sources say the middle-aged man alongside his mistress checked out of the facility only to test positive for COVID19 after his return home.

The test taken two days after arrival in his matrimonial home was prompted by his severe cough and fever. The wife, who contacted health officials in panic from their home only realized his husband’s whereabouts after he tested positive for the virus and he had to reveal the truth to both health officials and authorities for them to track down possible contacts.

The family has since been quarantined awaiting tests and the man isolated as his health status continues to be monitored. Dear Kenyans, it is not time to cheat on your spouse, focus on protecting lives.

Gathoni Kuria

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