Live News for Showmax Viewers in Kenya – Now that’s a good reason to subscribe

Showmax adds live news streaming for Kenyan viewers is the big news Showmax announced today. If there is a reason I haven’t found it worthwhile to subscribe to Showmax, it is the general lack of new, interesting, and diverse content. Okay, those are there, but they lack quality. The quality ones on Showmax are usually years old, where the newest can be as old as six months. Not encouraging at all.

By adding live news channels, Showmax subscribers should no longer be bored when there is nothing worth watching on the platform, given that good content in that platform can be exhausted in a matter of days. The news channels should be able to give someone a reason to stick to Showmax as he or she waits for new content to be uploaded.

The channels added include:

  1. BBC World News
  2. Al Jazeera
  3. Sky News
  4. CNN
  5. Newzroom Afrika
  6. Euronews

This is currently available on web (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge), Samsung (2017+) and LG (2014+) smart TVs, Android (4.4.0 or higher) and Android TV. Apple TV and iOS and will be added shortly. 

According to a statement sent to us by Showmax, “this is one more way to keep up with the latest developments from around the world during social isolation or lockdown.”

In as much as adding news channels to Showmax is a welcome move, that isn’t enough for me to subscribe anyway. I personally do not do news that much, and some of those news channels can be watched for free via YouTube. What I am looking forward to is for Showmax to add a few entertaining channels (Trace Music? E! Entertainment?) a few Documentary channels (Nat Geo? Discover?), and some sports channels – even if it means hyping up the subscription a little bit.

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I must however acknowledge the great move Showmax has made to bring home to Showmax viewers in Kenya live news channels that will help them stay at home. For that curfew that started a few minutes ago to remain effective, there we not only have to stay at home during the night but figure out how to remain indoors even during the door.


Odipo Riaga
Managing Editor at KachTech Media
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