Trump Is Not Damn When He Says He Will Open Up America, It’s ‘Wartime’ With China

When United States’ President Donald Trump put out a statement recently saying that he will open up the United States during Easter or thereabout, the whole world gasped with some claiming he is insane and narcissist for thinking he will open up what is rapidly turning into a COVID19 epicenter for economy’s sake.

Trump is not a fool, neither is he a mad man as experts have come out to claim, he is a man aware of the war lodged against the United States and all he is trying to do is save America…not the people, the reputation. Remember Trump is not a man of too much bureaucracy (if he follows any) and he is used to calling out bullshit when he sees any. Well, these traits are not presidential at all but this is the kind of leader we have for the free world.

When China was immensely affected for the better part of January and February, world powers were drifting away from the Xi Jinping’s led state with most bashing its people for exposing the world to such a pandemic. Cases of Xenophobia rose rapidly and China became the newfound world enemy to a majority.

As part of the ‘wartime script,’ Xi Jinping pulled a victimization card urging states and continents to intervene and help his people through the pandemic, even reminding some countries of good deeds China has done for them in the past. Few countries listened, few helped and others still stood their grounds sitting on high horses, and condemning the country. Now the script has changed and China is slowly creeping its way up to be a world leader and America is scared!

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At the time of going to press, cases of confirmed COVID 19 infections were at 123,776, 2,229 deaths and 3,231 recoveries. The US watching its powerhouse states; Newyork, NewJersey, and Connecticut go to sleep has had adverse economic impacts on the free world. China, on the other hand, is waving flags, singing patriotism songs of praise to their leader for saving them from the killer virus. A virus manufactured in this same country. From where I come from, we would say, China just told the world to pick a finger!

The country has now turned to psychological war and other states are slowly but surely beginning to dance to their music. Evil music I should say. The country is publishing and sending out success stories that any sharp mind like that of Trump can tell is propaganda meant to demoralize and undermine world powers and in the same breathe encourage behavior in handicapped countries, prompting them to join in their steps.

How a once affected and infected country is now providing hospital equipment, medical personnel, medicine, and moral support is beyond me but not beyond extents to which countries go just for power and global recognition. This is China’s attempt to weaponize the virus for political ends and the people are collateral damage. Yes, millions of people will die for power gains and that’s the reality!

As it is, countries are being divided by the day and there could be a drift from the west to the East if America continues ailing. With shut companies and manufacturing plants, China could have an upper hand if this persists and that will take a toll on democracies, politics, socialization, and economies. The truth of the matter is that the aftermath will be a game-changer across the world and powerful countries are striving to be world leaders even if it means losing lives.

Gathoni Kuria

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