The coronavirus conspiracy that almost got me

Coronavirus conspiracy theories exist because things don’t just happen. No they can’t just happen. There must always be someone, or something with intelligence, that sets things in motion. That belief is ingrained deep within our DNA that it is almost impossible to imagine an event occuring naturally. It is this belief that has made it impossible for my mother to accept that my father died from damaged lungs thanks to his smoking addiction. According to my mother, it is a neighbor and her black mamba magic that killed my father thanks to her ability to summon the demons of death.

The belief that intelligent entities are responsible for everything is the reason we have many people believing that coronavirus is the beginning of end times, or is God punishing the wicked, or is the devil reigning evil upon God’s beloveth, or it is Allah punishing Chinese for laying “siege to more than a million Muslims and placing them under house arrest”. The Islamic Scholar Hadi Al-Modarresi from Qom, Iran who propagated this latter belief would later test positive for coronavirus.

The belief that things don’t happen unless they are intelligently orchestrated is what has also given rise to a multitude of conspiracy theories, some of which are being propagated by governments. Chinese officials for example were quoted as saying that US Military is the intelligence behind coronavirus, where the US Military intentionally exported a bio-engineered SARS-Covid-2 to Wuhan China. It is this propaganda that forced the US via their President Donald Trump to respond by calling SARS-Covid-2 the Chinese virus.

Similar to the US Military coronavirus conspiracy theory is the theory that the virus was started in The Wuhan Institute of Virology either as a bioweapon or that it leaked out of the lab where it was being “naturally studied” due to poor safety protocols. Then there is the version that puts the blame on Bill Gates for engineering the virus so that he can run stocks down and be able to buy them back once the situation is under control. This version alleges that Bill Gates has the antidote that he will release to the world at appropriate time, and even make a kill by selling the antidote to desperate nations at higher prices. Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon, has also received similar accusations now that he dumped stocks worth $3.4 billion  just before coronavirus tanked the stock market.

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The coronavirus conspiracy theory that almost got me is structured along the blames the conspirators are trying to lay on Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, but now instead of laying them on individuals, they are laying it on China, but the logic is the same. The premise of that coronavirus conspiracy theory goes like this:

The Corona Virus travelled entire world from Wuhan but it did not reach Beijing and Shanghai. Can anybody put light? Looks so Logical. After all Chinese Stock Market didn’t crash. American and European Markets did. How to dominate the world quickly?

Already the tone of the premise has set us to imagine that China engineered a bioweapon meant to take down Western Europe and America so that the Asian giant can easily become the superpower nation. To achieve this, according to this coronavirus conspiracy theory, China had to follow these ten steps:

  1. Create a virus and the antidote.
  2. Spread the virus.
  3. A demonstration of efficiency, building hospitals in a few days. After all, you were already prepared, with the projects, ordering the equipment, hiring the labor, the water and sewage network, the prefabricated building materials and stocked in an impressive volume.
  4. Cause chaos in the world, starting with Europe.
  5. Quickly plaster the economy of dozens of countries.
  6. Stop production lines in factories in other countries.
  7. Cause stock markets to fall and buy companies at a bargain price.
  8. Quickly control the epidemic in your country. After all, you were already prepared.
  9. Lower the price of oil you buy on a large scale.
  10. Get back to producing quickly while the world is at a standstill. Buy what you negotiated cheaply in the crisis and sell more expensive what is lacking in countries that have paralyzed their Industries.
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This conspirator asks us to believe him (or her) because China seems to be going by guidelines espoused in the 1999 book “Unrestricted Warfare: China’s master plan to destroy America” by Chinese colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui. That’s the part that almost got me.

A conspiracy theory founded on a military authored book should be taken seriously by anyone who cares, and that’s why I took the conspirator’s next points very seriously. To give credence to his coronavirus conspiracy theory, this guy went ahead to give out facts that supports his premise. And the facts are as follows:

  • How come COVID19 didn’t hit Russia & North Korea? Because they are staunch ally of China. On the other hand South Korea / United Kingdom / Italy / Spain and Asia are severely hit. How come Wuhan is suddenly free from the deadly virus?
  • China will say that their drastic initial measures they took was very stern and Wuhan was locked down to contain the spread to other areas. I am sure they are using the Antidote of the virus.
  • Why Beijing was not hit? Why only Wuhan? Wuhan is open for business now. America and all the above mentioned countries are devastated financially. Soon American economy will collapse as planned by China. China knows it cannot defeat America Militarily as USA is at present.
  • So China use the virus to cripple the economy and paralyse the nation and its Defense capabilities. I’m sure Nancy Pelosi got a part in this to topple Trump.
  • Lately President Donald Trump was always telling of how Great American economy was improving in all fronts.
  • The only way to destroy his vision of making ‘AMERICA GREAT AGAIN’ is to create an economic havoc. Nancy Pelosi was unable to bring down Trump thru impeachment. So work along with China to destroy @realDonaldTrump by releasing a virus. Wuhans epidemic was a showcase.
  • At the peak of the virus epidemic, China’s President Xi Jinping just wore a simple RM1 facemask to visit those affected areas. As President he should be covered from head to toe but it was not the case. He was already injected to resist any harm from the virus.
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The good thing about real theories, scientific or economic, is their ability to issue predictions that if not observed, then the theory has been falsified, or at least shown to have shortcomings. Our conspirator has tried to also provide us with some predictions, that if indeed China is behind SARS-Covid-2, then the following will take place in due time:

  1. China will announce that their Med Researchers have found a cure to destroy the virus.
  2. China’s vision is to control the World economy by buying up stocks now from countries facing the brink of severe economic collapse.
  3. Coronavirus to put whole world on knees except China

So we wait.

Meanwhile, I don’t know why this theory doesn’t account for the watching eyes of CIA, NSA, and MI6, agencies that definitely read the “Unrestricted Warfare: China’s master plan to destroy America” by Chinese colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui. And for that simple reason, I treat this just like the other coronavirus conspiracy theories whose count I have lost.


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