Nairobi Lockdown? No Nairobi is not under lockdown

President Kenyatta today announced a new raft of measures directed towards containing the spread of SARS-COVID-2 in Kenya, measures that many have interpreted to mean that Nairobi is under lockdown. Now, a lockdown of Nairobi would be a directive demanding for every Nairobian to stay indoors throughout the day for the period of the lockdown, unless such a person has to get an essential item from outside the house. But the President’s announcement is not a lockdown – I personally can define it as a lock-in or a lock-out, depending on how you look at it.

As extracted by a one Ken Ogutu, the President’s directive is as follows:

The areas of Nairobi Metropolitan Area, Kilifi, Kwale, Mombasa have been identified as COVID-19 infected areas.

To contain and limit the spread of the disease, the National Security Council has issued these measures:
1. Cessation of all movement by road rail or air in and out of
a. The Nairobi Metropolitan area
b. The counties of Kilifi, Kwale and Mombasa

2. Cessation of movement within Nairobi Metro for 21 days, WEF 7pm Monday 6th April 2020
3. Cessation of movement within Kilifi, Kwale & Mombasa for an initial period of 21 days from 7pm of Wednesday 8th April 2020.

The Nairobi Metro is designated as follows:
a. Nairobi city county
b. Parts of Kiambu county up to Chania bridge, Thika, including Rironi, Ndenderu, Kiambu town
c. Parts of Machakos up to Athi River including Katani
d. Parts of Kajiado including Kitengela, Kiserian, Ongata Rongai, Ngong’ Town and all areas as set out in the order.

Any person, passenger carrying vehicles, bikes, aircraft & rail, shall not be allowed in and out of Nairobi & Counties

7. Movement of food supplies & other cargo will continue as normal as cargo
8. Any cargo vessel shall be assigned a single driver and assistant, not exceeding 3 persons. All such designated persons must be notified in writing by the owner/operator of vehicle or vessel with reference to the vessel/vehicle.

In a simpler language, what President Kenyatta has directed is for Nairobians to continue observing the curfew that we all have been observing since Friday 27th of March 2020 to date, but in addition to observing the curfew, there will be human movement in and out of Nairobi metropolitan area as defined above. The same lock-in or lock-out also applies to the coastal counties of Kilifi, Mombasa and Kwale.

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In addition to giving the directive restricting further movements into or out of Nairobi metropolitan area, Kilifi, Mombasa and Kwale, President Kenyatta also updated the nation in regards to the current status of coronavirus in Kenya. After total testing having reached 4,277, additional 16 people have tested positive for SARS-COVID-2, two more people have died bringing the total death to 6 for a 3.7% death rate, whereas those recovered remain at 4 people.

As I said in this post, the stringent measures meant to curb coronavirus are not going away any time soon – we need to brace for a possibility of economic slowdown for the next two years.

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