Fellow black skin, you cannot force the Chinese to respect you. Respect is earned

Africa, the cradle of mankind. The place where civilization, religion, governance, Agriculture, industry, is said to have originated. Yet, it is today synonymous with begging, corruption, ineptitude, laziness, and helplessness. A black skin is today forced to look up to a white skin for bread crumbs, yet the black skin acknowledges how resourceful she is, how mother Africa is endowed with natural resources, and how great she can be if she got her act together.

For over 60 years of self rule, the black skin seems unable to untie herself from the york of colonialism, and to work herself up to becoming the world leader.

Recently the black skin was disrespected and humiliated in China. Her children were thrown in the streets for lacking a green card indicating they were coronavirus free. The Chinese were attacked on social media for racially profiling the black skin, but as it turned out, those black skins were in China illegally – technically running away from their pathetic hopeless countries to feed on the little bread crumbs they could lay their hands on in the streets of China – in the name of teaching the Chinese English, a colonial language.

On social media some of their Chinese did not mince their words. They called the Africans that had been kicked out of their houses lazy, beggars, and good for nothing retards. Africans were not amused. They also took to social media to equally insult the Chinese, while others hunted the Chinese in the streets and harassed them, demanding of the Chinese to respect the black skin, or else all the Chinese will be forced to leave Africa.

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But we all know we do not have the say nor the power to kick anyone out of Africa.

One thing the black skin seems to have forgotten is that respect cannot be demanded, but earned. Anyone who has had this neighbor who always lacks salt, or a match stick; a neighbor who must borrow your shoes or suit whenever he has been called for an executive function; a neighbor who is always at your door to ask for help with his daughter’s school fees whenever the school opens; the neighbor who seems to never have enough flour for his ugali; we all know how we lack respect for such a neighbor.

Black skin, you cannot force the Chinese to respect you. You cannot force them to respect you when you are always at their door steps begging for loans, and when such loans are given, you buy tea and airtime instead of putting the money in infrastructure that will generate revenues to enable you pay back said loans. You cannot be respected when you worship the very leaders who squander the very loans secured from the same Chinese. There is a reason the corrupt are publicly executed in China, and it is the same reason the Chinese can tell Americans to go shove it up their asses whenever the Americans feel entitled to some bullcrap. Is Africa capable of standing up against the exploitative greed of the Americans or the Europeans?

Respect is earned. Respect is earned by showing those you demand respect from that you can live without them. That they have a lot more to lose if they do not accord you the respect you deserve.

Modern day smartphones were invented in the US by Apple. Immediately the first iPhone became a success, the South Koreans and Chinese saw the opportunity and went into a stealing spree to also be able to make something like an iPhone, if not better. Today, the South Koreans and the Chinese are leading the world in the smartphone industry. Heck, Huawei is already in trouble with the US for being the leader in 5G technology.

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It has been 13 years since the first iPhone was introduced to the world. What has black skin done about it other than brag that they too can own an iPhone? Or a Samsung Galaxy Note 20? How then do you expect for an iPhone or Huawei maker to give you respect if the best you can do with the little you do not have is to buy an expensive product they themselves have made as you continue to beg for bread crumbs?

Here is how black skin can earn respect

Earning respect is simple really – just figure out how not to be beggars. You have already acknowledged that you have enough resources which some of us approximate can feed 9 billion people. Harness those resources. Add value to them, then sell to the rest of the world the finished products. My friend Jackie Maina put it this way, “West Africa accounts for 70% of cocoa production. The $100 Billion industry, but West Africa only gets 3% of that. 90% of cocoa is grown by small farmers. A cocoa farmer gets $1,400 annually, about $4 a day, to feed at least 6-9 family members. Most have never tasted chocolate.

“Meanwhile; Nestle market cap is $300 Billion. Hershey’s market cap is $27 Billion. Mondelez Int’ market cap is $74 Billion. I don’t have to tell you how different things would be if West African countries processed cocoa beans and sold the end product to the world. Same applies for coffee, tea, and every other commodity. We can’t keep bragging of Africa being full of resources and doing nothing about it.”

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It’s not just in the realms of industries, inventions, innovations and value addition (economic productivity) that the black skin must push hard to become leaders in, but also in Philosophy, Theoretical Sciences, Economics, Mathematics and the Arts that we must endeavor to shine in.

When was the last time you heard of a new theory in Particle Physics or Cosmology named after a black man or woman? In theoretical physics, physics that is 90% advanced simply by a piece of paper and a pencil, there are a lot that is yet to explained. Physicists are yet to know why measurements of dark energy from cosmic expansion doesn’t give the same result as the same measurement of the same energy done on a vacuum. Can a black skin pursue this and provide a plausible answer? How about dark matter that has remained a mystery ever since it was conjured up to explain the uncountable gravity measured in galaxies? Can’t they work on quantum gravity or even help figure out some of the mysteries that make it impossible for string theories to become mainstream?

Those mysteries abound in biological and chemical sciences too. Can’t we come up with Nobel Prize winning economic theories that can turn around the economic prospects of African nations? How about revolutionising mathematics, statistics, data science? Who said we cannot make our own AI?

Once we start shocking the world with new discoveries, once we start inventing groundbreaking machineries and products, once we start harnessing the power of our human capital – only then shall we be accorded the respect we so much yearn for.

Until then, sit on your tails and watch the world progress, even as they insult you while at it.

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