Nyerians can now enjoy the luxury of ordering a hailing cab thanks to Little that launched their services there

Little, the Kenyan leading ride-hailing company, has launched operations in Eldoret and Nyeri, bolstering its vision of being the leading Pan African mobility company. The residents of these two towns can now request for a ride either using the Little app, dialing *826# or through WhatsApp messenger and enjoy the ride at a rate of KES 27 per KM.

“Safe, efficient, and reliable mobility is the heartbeat of our business. We are always looking to offer this service to ready markets and hence why we were eager to begin operations in Eldoret and Nyeri. It is quite evident that these two towns are eminent to our economy and the demand for ride-hailing services is growing. This has offered us an opportunity to serve more Kenyans across the country, one county at a time,” said Little CEO Kamal Budhabhatti.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Little has been at the frontline in serving Kenyans working in the essential services industries with cab services during curfew hours, after receiving the operating permit from the Government.

Speaking on how COVID-19 has impacted Little Operations, Ashish Kukreti Little General Manager said, “Being a technology company, the pandemic has led us to leverage on Technology to provide virtual contactless training and on-boarding of drivers. Moreover, we are strict on how our partner drivers operate during this pandemic period, by ensuring their cabs are thoroughly cleaned after every three rides. We also provide our driver partners with critical information on how to maintain hygiene and keep safe by use of masks and hand sanitizers when in service. Furthermore, we encourage customers to pay using their Little Wallet, card or mobile money solutions. This has helped manage the spread of COVID-19 virus through contactless servicing.”

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Little began operations in 2016 and has since grown to serve six counties namely; Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret, and Nyeri. Little also operates in Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia with plans of expanding to more countries in the coming quarter.

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