Writing long Facebook Posts is about to fun!

One thing I love about Facebook is the ability to write really long posts, allowing users to truly and deeply express what’s in their minds. The long post writers on Twitter have to use threads to achieve the same results, but the reading of such threads is never guaranteed – forcing some innovators to come with thread readers. On LinkedIn someone may write a long post but the caveat is the the post cannot pass 1300 characters, giving you roughly 210 words to work with. That means for writers, the real fun is in Facebook, and writing long Facebook posts is about to make the fun more thrilling.

But long posts in Facebook can be hard to read. There are those who don’t even care to paragraph their long writings. Consider this repost of LIKARION WAINAINA’s rant against GingerInc as reposted by John Karanja that I could not get to read all, as it is an entire paragraph that ought to be made of at least 10 individual paragraphs – and there are quite a significant number of Facebook users who don’t care to properly structure their long Facebook posts.

Then there are us, those who love structuring their posts, those of us who would love to underline, bolden, and add bulleted lists if possible. Until now there was no way of doing this officially on Facebook, so those of us who really cared to format their posts opted to use tools such as this UNICODE TEXT CONVERTER that allows one to choose several iterations of a converted unicode text.

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The use of such tools is however coming to an end, as Facebook has started rolling out its own text formatting feature. The feature has been present for a few years but available only in Facebook Groups – although even in those groups very few actually used the formatting option that Facebook has given them.

The formatting options allow people to format their Facebook posts in 5 different ways:

  1. The first way is to add the heading, otherwise called Heading 1.
  2. Then you can add a subheading, or heading 2. By the way there is nothing that would prevent you from choosing heading 2 as the heading then heading 1 as the subheading – or just picking one of the two options to use as your heading.
  3. Then you can have a numbered list in the form of 1), 2), 3), etc,
  4. You can also have a bulleted list in big dots
  5. And finally those quotes can be put under an actual quote.

This post explains it clearly:

Do not rush to your Facebook yet to see if you can type a decent post like that one, s not everyone has been given the capability. To check if you can be able to use those formatting options, just go to your Facebook via a web browser and click the mouse ready to type. Give Facebook a few seconds to load the formatting feature and if you have it, then you will see the paragraphing label next to “What’s on your mind, User?” as shown in the image below show up.

When you shall see that on your Facebook status update editor, then you shall know you can use those cool formatting features I have mentioned above. To use them, what you will have to do is click on the formatting label and the formatting options shall be shown unto you.

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Happy Facebooking.

Odipo Riaga
Managing Editor at KachTech Media
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