Prosper App for Professionals Launched in Kenya

Prosper App, Kenya’s new home-grown personal development app launches today in Nairobi. The visually delightful app seeks to improve the leadership and management qualities of youthful and upwardly mobile professionals.

While most of us desire, a thriving social life, a healthy and fit body, emotional intelligence and of course a better financial status, we are often at a loss on how to follow through. The path to self-development calls for more than just the intention to do better. It has to be backed up by action. You have to arm yourself with the right tools and surround yourself with the right people in order to reach your desired goals with no hiccups. The journey then becomes much more attainable when you incorporate technology and the wise counsel of those who’ve walked before you. seeks to do exactly that. Its an on-demand personal and professional development app that simplifies the journey by connecting individuals seeking guidance for growth to experienced, highly accomplished professionals. Advisees are perfectly matched up with advisors who can offer personalized, trusted, affordable advice on-demand on the phone.

Prosper aims to provide wise counsel, advisory insights and perspectives enabling one to realize their truest, highest version at a PROfessional, Social and PERsonal level. The ultimate goal is to provide a conducive framework for you to flourish by tapping into the immense wealth of knowledge, guidance and connections provided by this partnership.

Quote from Prosper Founder and Chief Executive Officer Topyster Muga 

“At Prosper, we are genuinely interested in your growth and are keen to recognize and cultivate the potential in you. We have drawn on global best practices to design a personalized tech-savvy self-improvement program that propels you to grow into your best self be at a professional, social and personal level. We are committed to building the bridge between your current reality and your journey to prosperity.”

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This new way of achieving personal development should excite the market with its unique ability to enable seamless connections and interactions between Advisees and Advisors. The wide range of development programs offered by Prosper through its distinctive team of experienced, diverse, magnanimous, value-driven personal advisors.

Odipo Riaga
Managing Editor at KachTech Media
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