I’m starting to get used to the New Twitter Design

In July 2019, Twitter announced the rollout of a new Twitter Design via this blog post. It took some time before the new design could catch up with us but when it did, we hated it. Almost everyone hated it. We hated it so much so that we had to rely on Chrome extensions to enjoy the old Twitter. Then Twitter started sending notifications to extension users that even those extensions won’t help with keeping the old Twitter.

I started receiving notifications from Twitter roughly a month before they completely disabled the old Twitter, and once I saw the third notification I said to myself, “alright, I’ll just turn this extension off”. I think that was a month or so ago, but since then I have become pretty used to the new Twitter Design.

Me getting used to the new Twitter Design reminded me of the resistance we had when Facebook transitioned from Walls to Timelines back in 2012. The resistance was so loud but when I looked at the Old Facebook Design via this blog post, I hate myself. Definitely the current Facebook Design is way too beautiful to be compared to all those crappy first designs. What this teaches me is that more often than not the resistance we have with new designs is nothing but resistance to change.

Talking about resistance to change, have you noticed there is entirely new Facebook design? Yeah, there is, and it looks exactly like the New Twitter Design (well, almost). The good thing about the New Facebook Design is that is not being forced on anyone – at least not yet. You can switch back and forth between the new design and the current design by a click of a button. I have tried using the New Facebook Design but every time I spend a few minutes in the New Design I find it unappealing, so I roll back to the current design. The reason I roll back is not just because of the unpleasant look, but also because there are shortcuts I like using in the current design that are either missing or deeply hidden in the new design.

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But I’d advise you to start getting used to the Facebook New Design as they might get rid of the current design within this year, or next.


Odipo Riaga
Managing Editor at KachTech Media
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