Pizza and other Foods you must avoid

By Winnie Njoki Chege

1. Noodles

The reason I picked noodles at the top of my list is that it is one of the most sold unhealthy packed food. The reason noodles is unhealthy foods because it contains maida, flavor enhancers, color and it is very high in sodium.

2. Fruit Juice (packed/processed)

Most of the fruit juices contains excessive amount of sugar in it which makes it super unhealthy. Also, when you extract juice of any fruit it loses its fiber content. Eating whole fruit is always the best healthy option. Hence one should eat whole fruit.

3. Coke/Pepsi

First of all it contains huge amount of sugar, then soda is also not good for bone health.

4. Deep fried snacks

Major nutrient your body gets from deep fried snacks such as samosa is unhealthy fat. If you eat it roadside, then they will use same oil again and again for frying samosa so it becomes even unhealthier since oil loses its entire nutrient.

6. Biscuits

Biscuits are nothing but maida and sugar. It is just empty calories. There is few homes where you couldn’t find biscuits. So, knowingly or unknowingly we eat sugar every day in the form of biscuits. You can replace biscuits with chapati. I know there are many brands selling sugar free biscuits but these biscuits are very costly and are very low in other nutrition, so choice is yours.

7. Junk Food – Burger/Pizza

Now a day burger has become a staple food for youth. The reason it is unhealthy is that not only burger bun is made up of Maida, the chicken patty in it is deep fried plus it contains cheese, mayo and lots of sodium. Also, Pizza is a big brother of burger. Pizza is also all maida, cheese, butter, salt and miniscule amount of veggies.

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8. Processed Meat

Studies show that people who eat processed meat have a higher risk of many serious diseases, including colon cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease

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 For healthy lifestyle I would suggest to take natural food, like dairy product, vegetables, fruits, wheat, pulses, dry nuts etc.  Check out Jawin Farm Fresh for variety of healthy foods and door to door deliveries.

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