DJ Pierra Makena brings trouble with her new role in the drama series Kina

In case you missed it, popular DJ and actress Pierra Makena has joined the cast of the hit drama series Kina which airs weekly on Maisha Magic Plus and Showmax. DJ Pierra plays Professor Sharon Achieng, a successful corporate woman who comes highly recommended and is hired by Nana Tandala (Sanaipei Tande) to run the company while she’s away on business. 

Her character is described as a go-getter with a natural flair for drawing attention and admiration from both men and women, and it doesn’t take long before everyone at the Tandala house, including Nana’s husband Fred Tandala (Jimmi Gathu), is mesmerised by her.

But Sharon isn’t what she claims to be, as Fred finds out the hard way when he becomes way too friendly with her in Nana’s absence. 

“She’s a deceptive character who’s trying to eat off people’s sweat but I like the fact that she’s able to interact with people and make them happy before she strikes,” Pierra says.

It’s both exciting and challenging for her to take on this dual personality, especially on a show like Kina, which she praises for its quality in storytelling.

“The first time I read about my role, I was like ‘Oh my goodness, how am I going to do this?’ I thought Sharon was a psycho with all the rollercoaster of emotions she has to go through. But that’s what good characters are made of, so I took on the challenge. When I got on set and met very good directors who knew what they wanted from Sharon, it was easier for me to get the character out with what they had in mind.”

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Pierra’s last appearance on a TV show was on the drama series Changes in 2010, after which she had roles in films like Tosh Gitonga’s 2018 rom-com Disconnect and Nollywood’s When Love Comes Around, which earned her a Best Supporting Actress award at the Nollywood and African Film Critics Awards in 2015. 

For her, this role in Kina is the perfect comeback for television. “I haven’t done any drama series since Changes, and beyond that I like being part of a project where, when I read the story, I can feel its worth and connect with it. Changes really set the bar high for me and I didn’t want to be involved in just any project. Playing Sharon in Kina works for me perfectly both in story, execution and for my brand as well.”

Like Nana, Sharon is smart and calculating, and exudes a certain sense of power that can enchant even the most grounded men, like Fred. And for now, with Nana gone, she has her grip on the Tandala household. We can’t wait to see what will happen when her true agenda is revealed and these two women finally clash. After all, we have seen what Nana can do to her enemies.

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