Top 5 Maisha Magic shows Kenyans are watching on Showmax

With your favourite Maisha Magic shows now airing on Showmax at the same time as they air on TV, these are the top 5 shows from Maisha Magic East and Maisha Magic Plus that Kenyans are watching on Showmax. All previous seasons are also available to binge if you’d like to catch up.


Two years since its premiere, Selina continues to capture audiences with more twists and intrigue, like the recent – spoiler alert – demise of the uber villain Messina (played by Angie Magio). But the drama is far from over as we wait to see who the next villain will be. Or if Chichi’s (Azziad Nasenya) feelings for Nelson (Pascal Tokodi) will get in the way of him and Selina (Celestine Gachuhi) finally having the happy ending they deserve.

Sol Family

In the latest episode of Sol Family, which airs every Sunday at 7:30pm EAT, we follow Bien, Savara, Chimano and Polycarp as they get tested for COVID-19. As expected Chimano stays on brand by offering us some hilarious and memeable moments during the exercise. In a previous interview with the band, Sauti Sol revealed that Sol Family, which is created by Eugene Mbugua, was birthed during this COVID period to show fans who they are and how they live, beyond the fame and spotlight.


“Hell hath no fury like Nana Tandala scorned.” The latest episodes of the drama series Kina pits Sanaipei Tande’s Nana Tandala against Pierra Makena’s Sharon Achieng, a new character who dupes her way into the Tandala’s lives and disrupts Nana and Fred’s (Jimmi Gathu) marriage. 

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Njoro wa Uba

From the team that brought you Auntie Boss and its spin-off Varshita, Njoro wa Uba follows Joe Kinyua (How to Find a Husband, Sue na Jonnie) as Njoro, a taxi driver who struggles to make ends meet after losing a lucrative job at a bank due to fraud. We follow Njoro around the city in his day-to-day hustle as a taxi driver, where he meets all kinds of characters that are way too familiar in a city as hectic as Nairobi.

Date My Family KE

Adapted from the South African format, Date My Family: Kenya follows different single people around Nairobi as they attempt to find love by meeting the friends and families of three potential dates, after which they get to pick a date based on whether they were impressed by the family or not. I mean, what could possibly go wrong when family is actively involved in helping you find love?

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